3rd Party Event Policy

Requesting permission to hold an event in Daybreak Common Areas

Common areas are owned and maintained by the community and are provided to benefit community members. Community members pay dues to maintain common areas, and common areas are only insured from accidents that happen during incidental use. Most common areas were not designed for events that require additional restrooms, parking, or traffic control, and are not able to be used for more than incidental use without approval. Events planned by organizations outside the community are rarely allowed. Large events that draw members of the public into Daybreak will only be considered if the sponsoring organization is part of the Daybreak community, and the event provides a benefit to the community and meets the mission of LiveDAYBREAK.

All proposals must be submitted and approved prior to inviting guests or advertising events publicly. Failure to do so will result in an automatic rejection of the proposal. If an event receives formal approval to move forward on Daybreak property or with Daybreak resources, any and all promotional material must be submitted to our Communications Manager for approval prior to publication.  This includes, flyers, handbills, posters and any form of social media posts.  Failure to have promotional material approved may cause the cancellation of the event with no reimbursement.

A preliminary event proposal must be submitted to LiveDAYBREAK at least 6 months in advance of the desired event date to be considered.

LiveDAYBREAK creates an event calendar for their own events a year in advance. Part of the evaluation of an event proposal includes potential conflicts with other community events already scheduled and exceptions to a 12-month advanced planning period are rare. LiveDAYBREAK will complete a preliminary review and evaluate the submission to determine if the event is sponsored by an organization within the Daybreak community and uniquely addresses the needs of Daybreak residents. Only events that meet the mission of LiveDAYBREAK, are compatible with the LiveDAYBREAK calendar, and are approved by LiveDAYBREAK will be considered.

The mission of LiveDAYBREAK is to promote

  • Healthy Living
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Giving Back
  • Interpersonal Connectivity
  • Arts & Diversity

After the preliminary review, the applicant may be asked to submit an in-depth proposal which shall include the event name, sponsor, proposed date, requested common areas for the event, and number of people expected at the event. LiveDAYBREAK may also ask for a certificate of insurance protecting the HOA and master developer from insurance claims arising from the event, a parking, security, safety and hygiene plan, and any other information that is required to make an informed decision. A map showing the locations and key components of the event is a helpful tool in the evaluation process. If approved, the applicant will need to secure the necessary city and county permits for the event.

LiveDAYBREAK staff shall not be relied upon to assist in planning or implementation. To increase the possibility of approval, please make sure that the planners of the event have experience in planning large gatherings.

At the consideration of LiveDAYBREAK, the event may require final review and approval from the Daybreak Community Association Board which is composed of residents, the developer, HOA leadership and others. This may not be necessary depending on the size and scope of the event. 

Neither LiveDAYBREAK nor the Daybreak Community Association Board are required to allow events, or to provide justification for not allowing an event.

Internal procedures

The purpose of this policy is to

  • Respect the residential nature of the community by discouraging gatherings or events that require the reservation of common areas within Daybreak. It will also assist in ensuring that allowed events are well planned, well executed and that notice is provided to the association members that usage of that space will be limited to the event for a specific period.
  • Limit the risk and legal exposure to the developer, the HOA and the residents.

As used in this policy, “event” is any large gathering in common areas that would require a reservation of common spaces that are not regularly reserved. Events with 100 participants or more will also require a permit from South Jordan City.    

The event request process begins with LiveDAYBREAK staff.

LiveDAYBREAK staff will inform applicants that the event calendar is created a year in advance, and that exceptions are rarely made. LiveDAYBREAK should only approve events they believe will meet a need in fulfilling the five values of LiveDAYBREAK:

  • Healthy Living
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Giving Back
  • Interpersonal Connectivity
  • Arts & Diversity

Preference should be given to organizations wholly located within the community.

When LiveDAYBREAK staff has decided to allow an event, and it has been approved by the Daybreak Community Council, it should be forwarded to the DCA management team for information, review and approval by the Daybreak Community Association Master Board. The Master board will give final approval, as it insures and manages the common areas.  The Master Board may require additional information, documentation and agreements from the applicant before granting final approval.

At the request of LiveDAYBREAK, this process can be accelerated using email for board member review and approval.

Neither LiveDAYBREAK nor the Master Board are required to allow events, or to provide justification for denying an event.

Printable Verison of the 3rd Party Event Policy

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