About Us

Who We Are

LiveDAYBREAK is a non-profit organization established to bring a sense of community to Daybreak residents through events, programs, clubs, and activities. Our mission is to create a culture where residents live more fulfilling lives. Our guiding pillars are:

Connecting ∙ Lifelong Learning ∙ Embracing Arts & Diversity ∙ Healthy Living ∙ Giving Back

Every activity we present ties back to one or more of these pillars. We have a responsibility to foster these pillars in the community and we work to offer a variety of activities for Daybreak residents. We pride ourselves in being the organization that separates Daybreak from any other master-planned community in Utah. 

Find Your People

We have carefully crafted a series of programs to fit every want and interest. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, gardener, crafter, beer drinker, book reader, a teenager, empty nester or a family with kids looking for unique family outings, there are people like you in Daybreak. We’ll help you connect with them.

LiveDAYBREAK funds some community clubs that are run by Daybreak residents. We also plan and host small and large-scale events throughout the year that tie back to our pillars and bring residents together. 

Connect With Us

Please connect with us, because we want to connect with you. We announce events and provide updates on social media in addition to sharing a bi-weekly e-newsletter with all who sign up. 

If you have questions or want to reach out, email us at information@livedaybreak.com or connect with us via social media using the link below. 

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