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Open Board of Directors Position

Do you have an interest in advancing the role of live Daybreak in the community? The LiveDAYBREAK Board of Directors will have an open position at the beginning of 2024! If you believe that Daybreak residents benefit from having a unique sense of community and you want to assist in keeping Daybreak the most desirable community in Utah, then you might be LiveDAYBREAK Board material.
We need your creativity, leadership, and enthusiasm. As a board member, you will serve for two years, attend monthly meetings, and have the opportunity to craft the direction of LiveDAYBREAK.


LiveDAYBREAK Board of Directors

  • Cameron Jackson - President
  • Natalie Gordon - Secretary
  • Julie Ramos - Treasurer
  • Nadine You, Resident Member
  • Karen Sewell, Resident Member
  • Richard Piggott, Resident Member Alternate 

About Us

LiveDAYBREAK plays a dynamic leadership role in helping Daybreak be the most desirable community in Utah by creating a culture where our residents live more fulfilling lives. This is achieved by focusing our events, activities, and programs around five values: 

  • Connecting: Bringing people together through programs, events, clubs and other opportunities for personal interactions, while encouraging volunteerism and leadership growth.
  • Lifelong Learning: Supporting and promoting a variety of educational opportunities throughout all stages of life.
  • Embracing Arts & Diversity: Enriching lives through the cultivation of the arts while appreciating differences within the community.
  • Healthy Living: Supporting physical and emotional well-being through community events and activities, as well as fostering economic, social, and environmental sustainability.
  • Giving Back: Participating in the betterment of Daybreak and the community at large through volunteerism, service and philanthropic measures.


For more information on how LiveDAYBREAK is funded, see this document: LiveDAYBREAK Funding


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