Board & Funding

LiveDAYBREAK Board of Directors

  • Rich Sonntag, President
  • Rulon Dutson, Secretary
  • Scott Kaufmann, Director-at-Large
  • Amanda Morton, Resident Member
  • Anndalyn Hobbs, Resident Member 

Resident Board Member Opening - Volunteer 
The resident board member works to set broad direction of the activities of LiveDAYBREAK and help them realize their goal of making Daybreak one of the most desirable communities in the country. 
Board members give direction to the staff, approve the budget and provide feedback from a resident perspective.
Requirements –

  • Prefer residents who are aware of the mission and role of LiveDAYBREAK in the community
  • A property owner in Daybreak
  • A willingness to serve
  • Willingness to serve a 2-year term
  • Ability to attend a board meeting once per month.  (Currently scheduled at noon)

Please email completed documents to LiveDAYBREAK Community Council using the subject line “Board of Directors Candidate Application” to Call Dan Rodgerson at (801) 253-6418 with questions.  

Applications must be submitted by March 19, 2021.

Find the link to the application here.

LiveDAYBREAK plays a dynamic leadership role in helping Daybreak be the most desirable community in Utah by creating a culture where our residents live more fulfilling lives. This is achieved by focusing our events, activities, and programs around five values: 

  • Connecting: Bringing people together through programs, events, clubs and other opportunities for personal interactions, while encouraging volunteerism and leadership growth.
  • Lifelong Learning: Supporting and promoting a variety of educational opportunities throughout all stages of life.
  • Embracing Arts & Diversity: Enriching lives through the cultivation of the arts while appreciating differences within the community.
  • Healthy Living: Supporting physical and emotional well-being through community events and activities, as well as fostering economic, social, and environmental sustainability.
  • Giving Back: Participating in the betterment of Daybreak and the community at large through volunteerism, service and philanthropic measures.


 For more information on how LiveDAYBREAK is funded, see this document: LiveDAYBREAK funding



    Dan Rodgerson Live Daybreak  
  • Arts Programs
  • Community Relations
  • Philanthropy
  • Summer Concert Series
  • Invoicing
  • Accounts Payable
  • Account Receivable 
    Dan Rodgerson
LiveDAYBREAK Director

Michelle VacaGuzman
LiveDAYBREAK Office Manager

  • Podcast
  • Sponsorships
  • Advertising 
  • Social Media 
  • Website Content
  • Signature Event Programming
  • Bollywood
  • Millie's Fun Run
  • Teen Council
  • Wine Events
    Robert Stroud
LiveDAYBREAK Communications Manager
    Marissa Campbell
LiveDAYBREAK Recreation Manager 
  •  Signature Event Programming
  • Prom 2.0
  • Ladybug Festival
  • Fizz Fest
  • Lakeside Luau
  • Summer Campout
  • Trick or Treat Street
  • Noon Years Eve
  • Dragon Boat Festival
  • Mico Programing
  • Daybreak Duck Derby
  • Pillar Talks 
  • Cruise Night
  • Chilly Dip
  • Soap Box Derby
  • Wellness 365
    Sandra Gierisch
LiveDAYBREAK Recreation Manager
    Henri Johnson
LiveDAYBREAK Recreation Coordinator
  • Micro Programming
  • Explorer's Club
  • Leprechaun Hunt
  • Doggie Paddle
  • Santa's Mailbox
  • Micro Programming
  • R.A.D. Awards
  • Community Yard Sale
  • Raise the Woof
    Sophia Hendrickson
LiveDAYBREAK Recreation Coordinator 
    Julia Aristondo
LiveDAYBREAK Recreation Coordinator
  • Garden Classes
  • Landscape Design
    Jenny Koller
LiveDAYBREAK Master Gardener


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