Grants & Donations

School Partnership Donations (Grants)

The purpose of the LiveDAYBREAK Grant Program is to partner with local schools to advance the mission of LiveDAYBREAK throughout the community. Our goal is to provide area schools with added resources for programs or amenities that are not found in a traditional school. 

Grant Cycle and Due Dates
  • Grant Submittals Due: October 1st
  • Reviewed by Staff: Mid-October
  • Presented to LDB Board: October Board Meeting
  • Anticipated Funding: 1st week of November

Grant Amount

Each year the board for LiveDAYBREAK will allocate a specific amount of funds for the grant cycle.  Over the past few years, these funds have averaged around $55,000. These funds would be distributed between all Daybreak schools so the typical request is around $10,000. If the school has a compelling project, they are encouraged to ask for additional funds. 

Eligibility Requirements

  • Funds are limited to either public or charter schools that are within the boundaries of Daybreak. 
  • Schools must have submitted a detailed report/record detailing how the funds were spent the previous year(s). This report is due prior to the submitted deadline for the prior year. 
  • If the project changes or the funds will not be used as presented, each applicant must submit a revised request in writing to the LiveDAYBREAK board to reallocate funds. 

Funding Criteria
Projects are intended to be innovative and forward-thinking. A good guideline would be something you would not typically see in a traditional classroom - these include tables, chairs, books,  iPads, laptops, projectors, etc.

Examples of what we will fund include, 

  • Stem projects or supplies.
  • Projects or programs that get youth outside.
  • Programs or initiatives that celebrate cultural diversity.
  • Projects that advance one of the LiveDAYBREAK pillars. Lifelong learning, interpersonal connectivity, giving back, embracing arts and diversity, and healthy living. 
  • Unique - specialty or innovative play equipment.
  • Items that will support the arts, such as instruments- sound systems, lights risers, etc.

Examples of what we will not fund include,

  • Perpetual Salaries.
  • Programs or initiatives that may require funding year-to-year.
  • Projects where the primary focus is outside Salt Lake County.
  • Projects of a political or religious nature.

Grantees are contractually obligated to acknowledge LiveDAYBREAK in the following ways:

  • In writing and orally, including at events for which funds have been utilized, in press releases, and newsletters (if applicable)
  • On a donor/sponsor page or other places of prominence on the organization's website (if applicable).
  • On written and printed assets, such as playbills, brochures, appropriate advertisements, flyers, banners, websites, and newsletters.
  • In other forms as appropriate, such as announcements from the stage, in media releases, on supertitles, on pre-event videos, etc.

Proposal Submittal

All proposals must be sent to Jenny Nigbur at by October 1st. Proposals will be presented to the LiveDAYBREAK board for approval, and funds will be allocated about the first week of October. 

Eligible Schools

Schools that are encouraged to apply are those schools within the Daybreak school zone. 

Past Recipients

  • 2022
    • American Academy of Innovation 
      • Animal models for their Veterinary program
    • Aspen Elementary
      • Stem program - 3-D printers, iPads, Ozobots, and other programmable robots
    • Eastlake Elementary
      • New playground structures, outdoor games, 3-D printer & equipment
    • Early Light Academy
      • Brand new instruments, and equipment for Orchestra and Choir programs
    • Golden Fields Elementary
      • Outdoor Fitness equipment sets
    • Herriman High School
      • Real-time translating earbuds for language-learning students 
    • Mountain Creek Middle School
      • MakerSpace equipment, scooter racks 
  •  2021
    • American Academy of Innovation
      • Ultimate Art Studio
    • Early Light Academy
    • East Lake Elementary
    • Golden Fields Elementary
    • Daybreak Elementary
      • Outdoor Classroom
  • 2020
    • American Academy of Innovation
    • Early Light Academy
    • East Lake Elementary
    • Golden Fields Elementary
  • 2019
    • American Academy of Innovation
      • Recording Studio with Music Equipment
      • Garden Wall
    • Early Light Academy
      • News Room
    • East Lake Elementary
      • Ozobot Kits
    • Golden Fields Elementary
      • STEM Program

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