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LiveDAYBREAK is an independent not-for-profit organization established to bring a sense of community to Daybreak. LiveDAYBREAK is separate from the Daybreak Community Association (HOA) and Larry H. Miller Real Estate (Developer). The mission of LiveDAYBREAK is to create a culture where residents live more fulfilling lives through five guiding pillars:

Connecting ∙ Lifelong Learning ∙ Embracing Arts & Diversity ∙ Healthy Living ∙ Giving Back

Each of these180-plus annual events, programs, and activities ties back to one or more of these pillars. We have a responsibility to foster these pillars in the community, and we work to offer a variety of activities for Daybreak residents. We pride ourselves in being the organization that separates Daybreak from any other master-planned community in Utah.


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