Texting Service

Summer is right around the corner, and the LiveDAYBREAK calendar is full of fun and engaging programs! Most of these programs are intended for Daybreak Residents only. If you’re interested in getting text notifications, please join our texting service. This is a great way to be better connected to the programs and activities provided by LiveDAYBREAK, whether it’s kid activities, events, weather updates, or something else.

To opt-in, please text 801-806-4677 with a keyword from the list below, and you will be added.
Text All to be placed in all text groups
Text Kid for Kid Programming
Text Teen for Teen Programming
Text Event for Event Information
Text Club for Community Club Information
Text Concerts for concert information
Text Cheers for 21+ Event Information

Disclaimer: This is an opt-in service only, and LiveDAYBREAK will not sell or give your information to anyone else. You can unsubscribe and resubscribe to this service at any time. This service is not attached to or affiliated with the Daybreak HOA. HOA fees will not fund this service, and HOA services will not be offered through this service.

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