Design Review

Design Review Committee Members Needed
The purpose of the Design Review Committee is to promote aesthetic excellence throughout the Community by reviewing all exterior modifications and approving with compliance to the Governing Documents, Architectural Guidelines and Landscape Guidelines. See our News Article for more information

Per the Governing Documents for the Daybreak Community Association, before any exterior change can be made to a home in Daybreak, it needs to be reviewed and approved by the Design Review Committee. 


Design Review Procedure

Steps To Complete An Exterior Modification

  1. Please read Daybreak's Design Guidelines and then review the applications to select the most appropriate application for your exterior modification. Below each application is a list of corresponding exterior modifications. Please ensure that all modifications comply with Daybreak's Design Guidelines. 
  2. Follow the application checklist included under each type of application. All items must be included in your application submission before the Design Review Committee can review. 
  3. Fill out the application form and attach items from the checklist online. You can also visit the Association office for a printed application form. 
  4. Submit a $75 application fee (unless otherwise noted) via check.  You can mail or deliver this to the Association office. A drop box is available for after hours. 
  5. A community standards department team member will review your application and contact you within 48 hours if any items are missing. Please look for emails from our "SmartWebs" system.
  6. Once all items are received, you will receive a confirmation email and the team will present your completed application to the Design Review Committee. 
  7. The team will provide the Design Review Committee's decision within 30 business days from the confirmation of the completed application. 
  8. If you application is approved, you can begin work immediately. Please post the application approval permit in your window and return once the project is complete. You have one year to complete the project. If your project is not completed within one year, you will need to submit a request for an extension. 
Sub-Association Residents 
Please note that if you live in a sub-association, your application must be approved by the sub-association board first before it is seen by the Design Review Committee for the Master Association.

Note: An application is not considered approved unit it has received approval from both associations.  This process may take additional time to complete.
Please Note
• Seasonal or temporary items do not require an application or approval from the Design Review Committee. 
• All of the proposed modifications must comply with Daybreak's Resident Design Guidelines
• Applications require the Association to notify any neighbors impacted by modifications.
• All approvals are valid for one year. If your approval expires before your modification is completed, you will need to submit for an extension or re-submit your application.

What requires DRC approval?
All exterior home modifications require an application for Design Review Committee approval. Seasonal or temporary items do not need approval. Modifications can include but are not limited to: 

  • Play equipment (swings, basketball hoop, trampoline) 
  • Flag pole
  • Driveway modification
  • Storm/screen doors 
  • Dog door 
  • Satellite dish
  • Porch/stair railing
  • Spa/hot tub
  • Radon mitigation system 
  • Generator 
  • Light fixtures 
  • New front or backyard landscaping (patio, deck, walkway, plants, trees, retaining walls, water features, lighting, or rock) 
  • Pool 
  • Raised garden boxes
  • Fire pit/fireplaces
  • Picket or privacy fence and gates 
  • Trash Enclosure
  • Screen Lattice
  • Exterior paint 
  • Solar Panels  
  • Shed
  • Greenhouse
  • Pergola/Arbor/Shade Structure/Trellis
  • Basement Entrance
  • Garage Addition/Modification

Design Review Applications

General Application
This application is used to apply for miscellaneous items such as: 
  • Play equipment (swings, basketball hoop, trampoline) (no fee)
  • Play structure
  • Flag pole (No Fee)
  • Driveway modification
  • Storm/screen doors (no fee) 
  • Dog door (fee only for wall installations) 
  • Porch/stair railing
  • Spa/hot tub (no fee) 
  • Radon mitigation system (no fee) 
  • Generator 
  • Light fixtures 
General Application >>


This application can be used for landscape modifications such as:
• New/existing front or backyard landscaping
• Patio/deck/walkway
• Trees, shrubs, plants, mulch, etc.
• Rock/retaining walls (10’ Sidewalk setback)
• Water Features
• Gravel/rock mulch
• Pool – contractor design
• Landscape lighting 
• Raised garden boxes
• Fire pit/fireplaces

Landscaping Application >>


This application can be used for fencing structure modifications such as:
• 3’ Picket Fence (No vinyl picket)
• 6’ Privacy Fence (Founders and Eastlake Village may have tan vinyl only)
• Trash Enclosure
• Screen Lattice
• Gates

Please Note:
• Only one color of fence stain offered from three vendors have been approved by the Design Review Committee. See fence stain options document for details. 

Fencing Application >>

Exterior Colors & Features

This application can be used for exterior color modifications on items such as:
• Body of Home (siding, stucco, etc.) 
• All Trim (windows trim, door casing)
• Doors
• Garage Door
• Soffit and Fascia
• Gutters
• Shutters
• Foundation Color Coating

Please Note:
If painting a door, door casing/trim and jamb surrounding door should be painted to match the trim color and not the door color.  (See Guide) 
• It is not recommended to paint metal on the home as this becomes a maintenance feature. 

Exterior Colors and Features Application >>

Addition/Ancillary Structure

This application can be used for addition/ancillary structure modifications such as:
• Addition to Home/Modification of Existing Structure
• Shed
• Greenhouse
• Pergola/Arbor/Shade Structure/Trellis
• Basement Entrance
• Garage Addition/Modification

Addition/Ancillary Structure Application >>

Solar Panel

Solar Panel Addition

Solar Panel Application >>

Design Review Committee

Members & Charter

This committee reviews all residential, exterior modifications for approval and consists of both developer and resident appointed members.

Committee Members: 

  • Katie McDermott, Chair
  • Greg Boudrero, Consultant
  • James Humphrey
  • Paul Hirst
  • E. Lynn Shutt
  • John Neider 

Design Review Committee Charter 
Design Review Committee Application
 Note: Meetings are usually the first and third Wednesday of each month from 10 am - 12 pm. Please be sure your schedule is open Wednesday mornings from 9:30 am - 12:00 pm

Guides & Info Sheets

Paint Maintenance
With Daybreak's climate, homes often need a fresh coat of paint. Homeowners should save for this expense and plan to repaint their home every 7-10 years. Dark or especially bright colors may fade faster. If you receive a paint notice, please contact the design review team to discuss scheduling options, as we understand this is a large project. 
Fence Stain
With Daybreak's climate, homes often need a fresh coat of fence stain. Fences will need to be stained about every 5 years. Often an entire street needs to stain their fences so neighbors have joined together to paint the street in one weekend. The Design Review Committee offers three stain vendor options but all are the same color. 

See Fence Stain Options 
Resident Design Guidelines
Landscape & Plant Guides
Additional Info Sheets & Guides

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