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Daybreak strives to be the most desirable community in Utah through its beautiful ascetics, network of trails and open spaces, parks, private lake, charming downtown and watercourse. Residents can enjoy access to outdoor space as they bike trails, kayak the lake or paddle board the watercourse. This walk-able community allows children to walk to school and adults to stroll over to a favorite restaurant. Combined, Daybreak wants to ensure that Utah remains a healthy and desirable place to live.



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Rio Tinto Kennecott worked closely to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Utah Department of Environmental Quality (UDEQ) to develop specific standards for Daybreak’s soil. Rio Tinto Kennecott met, and even exceeded the EPA and UDEQ standards for soil conditions. Throughout the years beginning in 1936 Kennecott had removed soil and heavy metal from beneath the evaporated ponds. In 2007, Rio Tinto Kennecott completed the removal project of the sediment that was then was endorsed by the EPA and UDEQ in December 2007. 

Water Source

Daybreak get its culinary water from the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District (JVWCD). The secondary water collection and distribution system is used to irrigate parks and open spaces here in Daybreak. It originates from Utah Lake and is piped in through existing pipelines and treated at a holding pond on the northern side of the property. 


2002 – Grand Achievement Award for Design and Planning
2003 – Award of Merit for ecosystem approach to planting design, plant procurement
and landscape maintenance
2006 – Award for the West Bench Planning Summits in the Public Involvement category for the 2005 Council of Government Summits
2010 – Award for Daybreak Elementary and Community Center for innovative public/private partnership. Daybreak Elementary has LEED Silver certification and uses geo-thermal heating, making it one of the Jordan Districts most energy–efficient schools.
2010 – Award for Daybreak Corporate Center/Rio Tinto Regional Center for earning the first LEED Platinum designation in Utah
2010 – Salt Lake County/ Daybreak: Crosswalk Collaboration Portal/Active Street Maps
2011 – 2010 Community of the Year – Best in American Living
2011 – Platinum Award for Suburban Smart Growth Award- Best in American Living
2015 – ASLA Honor Award for Design- Brookside Park
2017 – Top Selling Master-Planned Community
2018 – Top Selling Master-Planned Community
2019 – Top Selling Master-Planned Community
2020 – Top Selling Master-Planned Community

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