Amenity Access

Detailed Registration Steps

Create an Account on RecDesk
  1. Click on “Create Account” below and fill in contact details. Select “Continue”.
  2. Fill in additional information and select “Submit”.
  3. Your account will say “Pending Approval”. Call the Community Center at (801) 253-6418 to get your account approved.
  4. If needed, the staff will contact you about showing a closing disclosure, settlement statement or warranty deed and an ID to prove residence. 
  5. Renters will need landlords to fill out a leasing verification form and provide a copy of the lease to access amenities. 
Get Physical Amenity Card
Note that you do not need a physical amenity card to make reservations for pools, Duffy boat, sailing lessons, fitness center or fitness classes. 

  1. Sign into your account on RecDesk and select “Memberships”.
  2. Scroll down to the heading “Resident Membership” and select “Request for Online Resident or (Renter) Membership”. Enroll. 
  3. “Membership Name” defaults to your selection.
  4. “Fee Type” is Adult (Resident) - $0.00.
  5. “Members”, Check the box next to your name only and save.
  6. The next screen will be “Shopping Cart”. Click on “Go To Checkout”.  Click on “I Accept Waiver”.
  7. Next, click on “Daybreak Homeowner Registration – DCC Property Record Owner”.
  8.  Fill out the form with your name and information, add everyone that resides in the home. Then click “Next”.
  9. On the next screen sign and date “Daybreak Community Center (DCC) Release and Indemnification Agreement”.
  10. On the next screen initial each rule and sign the “Daybreak Community Center (DCC) Rules".
  11. Click on “Submit Form” and “I Have Completed All Forms”.
  12. On the checkout screen, click “continue” to complete the registration process.
  13. One of the DCC staff members will call you to set up a digital Zoom video meeting. You will need to show a driver's licence on camera to prove your identity and then take a photo for your amenity card. Staff will schedule a time for you to stop by the DCC and pick up your card. 

To access amenities, residents need to get an amenity card and sign up for an account on our recreation management system, RecDesk. Once you have an account, you can use RecDesk to sign up for events, classes, swim lessons and view room rental calendars. Detailed instructions for registering and picking up your amenity card are below.

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