Recreation & Amenities

Daybreak Amenities

Resident Amenities
  • Trails and parks including pavilion reservations 
  • Pools
  • Community Center with Fitness Center, Gymnasium (basketball/volleyball courts) and Indoor Track
  • Oquirrh Lake (watercraft rentals, sailing lessons)
  • Internet (CenturyLink) 
Amenities Available For Additional Fees

Amenity Cards

Pick Up A Card
To access amenities, residents need to get an amenity card. Visit the Daybreak Community Center to pick up your amenity card and create a resident account. This card will provide access to a number of facilities including pools. 

Steps to Pick Up a Card 

  1. Visit our recreation management system, RecDesk, and create an account. 
  2. Visit memberships and fill out a Request for Resident Membership Form. 
  3. Head to the Community Center front desk to pick up your card. Let them know you already filled out the membership form.
  4. Bring a closing disclosure, settlement statement or warranty deed and an ID to prove residence. 
  5. Renters will need landlords to fill out a leasing verification form to access amenities. 
  • Each household receives up to two adult Daybreak amenity passes for free.
  • Children can receive a card starting at age 9. The first child card is free.
  • Children 14 or over can purchase an adult card with parental consent to go to the pool by themselves.
  • Children are not required to have an adult card until they are 18.

Card Pricing
Resident Amenity Card, non-proximity (under 14) - $5
Replacement Child Cards - $5
Resident Amenity Card, proximity (over 14) - $10
Replacement or additional Adult Card - $10

Guest Passes


Guest passes are available so residents can bring friends and relatives to the pools, Daybreak Community Center and lake. Day passes are $5 and can be purchased at the Community Center (cash or card), pools (cash only) or boat ramp (cash only). This pass allows resident to bring one guest per day to Daybreak amenities. Guests must be accompanied by Daybreak resident at all times. 

Additional non-resident passes: 
Summer Guest Amenity Pass - $50
Annual Guest Amenity Pass - $120
Non-Resident, Individual Monthly DCC Membership - $25
Non-Resident, Individual Annual DCC Membership - $275
Non-Resident, Family Monthly DCC Membership (2 adults, 4 youth) - $40
Non-Resident, Family Annual DCC Membership (2 adults, 4 youth) - $440

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