Amenity Guest Passes Now Available
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Daybreak Amenities

  • Trails and parks including pavilion reservations 
  • Five Pools
  • Community Center with Fitness Center, Gymnasium (basketball/volleyball courts) and Indoor Track
  • Oquirrh Lake (watercraft rentals, sailing lessons)
  • Internet (CenturyLink) 


To access amenities, residents need to make an account on RecDesk and download the Kisi app. Follow the steps on our Amenities page. The Kisi app will provide access to a number of facilities including pools.
  • Each household receives up to two adult Daybreak amenity passes for free.
  • Children can receive a card starting at age 9. The first child card is free.
  • Children 14 or over can purchase an adult card with parental consent to go to the pool by themselves.
  • Children are not required to have an adult card until they are 18.

Card Pricing
*Physical amenity cards are not required for access and may be purchased if desired*
Resident Amenity Card, non-proximity (under 14) - $5
Replacement Child Cards - $5
Resident Amenity Card, proximity (over 14) - $10
Replacement or additional Adult Card - $10

Guest Passes

Amenity Guest Passes Now Available
Effective May 2023, amenity guest passes are available to residents. The policy for 2023 is as follows:

  • Guest(s) must be accompanied by a current resident that is at least 18 years of age and is a member in good standing

  • Resident must sign the Resident Guest Pass Release Form for liability waiver and list the name(s) of guests

  • Guest passes must be purchased by the resident in-person at a qualifying amenity:

    • DCC
    • All Pools (except Splash Pool)
    • The Beach Club
  • Watercraft use on Oquirrh Lake as a passenger only

  • Residents are responsible for the behavior and actions (including any damages) of their guests

  • Residents are limited to five guest passes per day

  • Management reserves the right to restrict guest pass use at a qualifying amenity subject to capacity limits at that amenity

  • Guest passes are $5.00 each and are valid for the date of purchase only

  • Guest passes may only be purchased by credit card (cash is not accepted)

  • The guest pass does not permit access to the following:

    • Group Fitness Classes
    • Sailing Lessons
    • Child Watch


Summer guest passes are available for residents with frequent visitors. Summer guest passes are $50 and are valid from Memorial Day weekend through the end of September.

Important Information:
  • Summer guest passes must be purchased in person at the Daybreak Community Center front desk
  • Summer guest passes can only be used with the registered resident present
  • Summer guest passes are applicable to one guest per visit
  • Summer guest passes are subject to the same rules and regulations as standard guest passes
Residents who are the sole occupant of their household are allowed one permanent guest pass with no expiry*. These passes can be acquired at the Daybreak Community Center front desk and are subject to the same rules and regulations as standard guest passes.

Correction: The sole occupant guest passes are valid for one year. After one year, residents must come to the Daybreak Community Center to have them renewed.

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