Arguably one of the most popular amenities within the Daybreak community are the numerous trails that wind throughout the area. Currently, there are more than 50 miles of trails in the community, most of which are paved and very accessible, with more on the way. These trails meander through the various villages in the community, as well as around Oquirrh Lake. Whether you are walking to school or to a concert in the park, these trails will get you there. 

Please also note that no gas-combustion motorized vehicles are allowed on any of the trails, parks or common areas in Daybreak. Large electric-only vehicles where batteries are the only source of locomotion are likewise prohibited. Small personal electric vehicles, such as non-commercial scooters, onewheels, skateboards, and e-bikes (class I or class II only) with pedal assist, are permitted. The maximum speed on trails and paths is 15 mph, with the understanding that pedestrians always have the right of way on the trails.

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