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Garden Park Q4 Open Board of Directors Meeting

November 11,  2021
7:00 PM
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Telephone: 1-346-248-7799

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What to Expect from Our Landscaping Services
BrightView Information
Submit a Landscaping Request
BrightView HOAConnect Information
For landscaping work orders and concerns, aside from irrigation emergencies, we ask that you please submit them through the (HOA Connect) Website.  This website will allow you to create a work order and check on the work ticket. If you need to create an account, please click here.

To submit a request, please follow the process below:

1. Visit HOA Connect website:
2. Click Register (top right corner) / Login to existing account
3. Enter Community Code: gp2019
4. Click on the green button (left side) that says “Service Request”
5. Choose 'Category' best matching issue/concern and click "next"
6. For 'Description', provide brief summary of issue, including Resident Address in all capital letters. You can also upload a photo.
7. For 'Location', choose “Resident’s Home”.
8. For 'Priority', choose the appropriate option.
9. On the Step 2 screen, click blue button “Review Your Request”
10. On the Step 3 screen, click blue button “Submit Your Request”.

*Your ticket will now show on the home Dashboard screen*

If you have trouble getting this website to function please email to submit your request.
Landscaping Bulletin Board
Landscaping Bulletin Board (Updated August 5, 2021)
Irrigation has been fixed in most areas throughout the Garden Park community. There are still dry spots that are actually damage due to billbugs and white grubs and not watering issues. These types of grubs are being seen in almost every area of Garden Park and throughout Daybreak. Grub injury looks like wilting or drought stressed yellowing in patches of the turf grass. Grubs eat the roots of turf and destroy the entire root system. If not effectively treated, re-seeding is required. Treatments are being addressed.

In addition to a summer of grub infestations in turf grass, we've had ash aphids and banded ash borers attacking our ash tree population. Treatments have been started to try and preserve our remaining ash trees. There is a nationwide shortage of ash trees from nurseries and it will take a wait of around five years to get mature tree replacements. The care and preservation of our beautiful and varied tree population is of importance to all of us in Garden Park.  

Your Landscaping Committee (LANDCOM) is pleased to report that residents completed and returned 99 landscaping surveys. The recent survey asked questions about reporting landscape problems and concerns and using the on-line reporting system HOA Connect. Through the survey, LANDCOM was able to identify residents who did not have access to a computer for their landscaping requests, and residents who wanted more training on HOA Connect. Every individual who wanted someone to report to HOA Connect on their behalf was contacted and assigned a committee member to submit their requests. The group of residents who wanted additional HOA Connect training were also personally contacted. We are excited to have our first training clinic this Friday, August 6.

Several surveys included comments. Each comment was personally reviewed by LANDCOM Chair Barbara Lewis, Josh Jensen and Matt Noorda from BrightView and issues have been or are in the process of being addressed. THANK YOU for your participation in the survey!

See the "What to Expect from our Landscaping Services" section above to guide you on what you can and cannot request.
No Trim List
If you are interested in taking care of the trimming for your own property please fill out the form below. If you are already on the list and would like to be removed from the list please email Josh Jensen at

Maintenance Information

Maintenance Responsibilities
Management and Maintenance of Condominiums
Management and Maintenance of Condominiums

The following information pertains to neighborhood associations that are managed by CCMC which manages most associations within the community. Not all neighborhood associations within Daybreak are managed by CCMC, check with your specific neighborhood association for details on their management and maintenance practices.

Many of the condominiums and townhomes in Daybreak feature additional benefits that may include exterior building and landscape maintenance that is managed by an HOA neighborhood association also referred to as a sub-association. All homes in Daybreak are part of the master homeowners association whose function is to manage and maintain all of the common areas for the broader community such as parks, pools, and community centers. They also enforce the community covenants as laid out in the governing documents. The sub-associations or neighborhood associations oversee maintenance for smaller groups of townhomes or condominiums, usually a few hundred, in a specific area of the community.

There is a robust inspection process in place designed to provide high-quality housing for all residents who are members of a neighborhood association.

At the Completion of the Building

At the Completion of the Building
As previously stated, builders must correct any building code deficiencies that arise as part of the course of construction. Inspections will be performed by South Jordan City prior to receiving a certificate of occupancy.

After the certificate of occupancy has been obtained by the builder and the requirements of the Building and Landscape Transfer Agreement have been met, the neighborhood association will then schedule a 3rd party inspection, this inspection is similar to that of a home inspection of a property that is changing hands in a real estate transaction. Exterior elements that can include walls, windows, utility connections, and functionality are all thoroughly evaluated by the third party inspector with an eye toward quality construction. A report is generated from the inspection on each home, and the builders are asked to correct any remaining issues that come up as a result of these 3rd party inspections.

Ongoing Monitoring
Ongoing Monitoring

As part of the ongoing and preventative maintenance process, the association conducts regular inspections of the common areas and buildings and schedules maintenance and repair as needed.

Part of each homeowner's monthly assessments goes towards a reserve fund that is used for future long-term large-scale maintenance projects such as the painting of the exterior of the building, roof repairs and/or replacement, and other common exterior elements that are the responsibility of the neighborhood association to maintain.

Most home builders include at least a one-year home warranty that covers several interior and exterior elements of the home. If homeowners have a concern related to the construction of their home they should contact their neighborhood association management company regarding exterior items and their home builder if they have concerns about any of the interior elements of their home.

Garden Park Committees

Landscape Committee
Landscape Committee
As a committee member, you will be tasked with an area to observe routine landscape practices and condition. In addition, you will review any landscape complaints or concerns with the Management Team and Board of Directors.
Upcoming Meetings
Garden Park Village – Landscape Committee Meeting: Wednesday, August 18 at 1:30 p.m. at Garden Park Clubhouse
Budget and Finance Committee
Budget and Finance Committee

This Committee is established to interface with the Board of Directors and the Association Management Team for the purpose of providing organized volunteer efforts on behalf of the Association for these specific purposes:

  • Reviewing the current budget and monthly financials.
  • Making recommendations for the subsequent fiscal years operating budget.
  • Planning for the future financial health of the association, as requested by the Board.
  • Making recommendations on investment of association funds.
  • Make recommendations on proposed expenditures of association funds which are not budgeted, or which are out of the ordinary for the Association, as requested by the Board
Budget and Finance Committee Charter
Budget and Finance Committee Application

GARDEN PARK VILLAGE: Wednesday, August 18 at 11:00 am at Garden Park Clubhouse
Amenities Committee
Amenities Committee
The Committee is established to interface with the Board of Directors and the Association Management Team for the purpose of providing organized volunteer efforts on behalf of the Association with the specific purpose to provide resident engagement for the enjoyment of the Garden Park Village Residents.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors
Board of Directors
  • Cameron Jackson (Declarant Member)
  • Courtney Palmer (Declarant Member)
  • John Cahoon (Declarant Member)
  • Byron Smith (Resident / Non-Voting)
  • Dan Shelly (Resident / Not-Voting)
  • Linda Hill (Resident / Non-Voting)
  • Kathryn Zanelli (Resident / Non-Voting)

Financial Information

Thank you to those who attended last evening's  Budget Presentation hosted by the management team. For your convenience, we have provided a copy of the presentation outlining the proposed budget for Garden Park Village Association.
2021 Budget 2020 Budget 2019
Reserve Study
Reserve Study
A Reserve Study is a great tool to review and plan for upcoming capital improvements including; exterior painting, roof replacements, etc.
Snow Removal Invoices 2018- 2019
Snow Removal Invoices
BrightView's Snow Bills for Garden Park Village
Audited financial statements provide the residents with the auditor's opinion that the financial statements are presented fairly, in all material respects, in conformity with the applicable financial reporting framework.

Monthly Financial Reports

Governing Documents

Governing Documents
Policies and Resolutions
Policies and Resolutions
Garden Park Village - Collection Policy
  • This policy states steps the Association will take to pursue collection of all Assessments. Approved on May 22, 2012.
Garden Park Village - Election Resolution
  • This resolution states that any excess of membership income over membership expense for the year ended December, 2010, shall be applied against the subsequent tax year member assessments as provided by IRS Revenue Ruling 70-604. Approved on October 6, 2010.
Garden Park Village - Snow Removal Policy
  • This policy clarifies the procedures for removing snow after 70% of the budgeted amount has been used each year to avoid the snow removal budget from going into a deficit. Approved on October 6, 2010.



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