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Community Questions
SpringHouse Village Community Q &A & PowerPoint
(Published September 20, 2023)

SpringHouse Village Quarter 4 Community Q&A
(Published on December 9, 2022)

SpringHouse Village Quarter 3 Community Q&A
(Published on November 15, 2022)

SpringHouse Village Quarter 2 Community Q&A
(Published on June 17, 2022)

SpringHouse Village Quarter 1 Community Q&A 
(Published on March 18, 2022)

Landscaping FAQs
(Last updated on Feb. 24, 2022)

SpringHouse Village Calendar

Current calendar
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Community Calendar

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*Dates and times are subject to change*

Governing Documents

Governing Documents
Governing Documents
Resident Guidelines 

Board of Directors

Board of Directors
Board of Directors
  • President: Kelly Leid
  • Secretary: Gregory Paley
  • Treasurer: Malcolm Thacker
  • At Large Member: Ron Tucker
  • At Large Member: Kristin Kortonick

Insurance Information



Operations Advisory Committee
Landscape Committee

Financial Information

Pay Assessments
Reserve Study
Reserve Study
The purpose of a Reserve Study is to provide an educated estimate of the necessary reserve balance and allocation. The detailed scheduled will serve as an advanced warning that major projects will need to be addressed in the future and provide funding for those projects.

Audited financial statements provide the residents with the auditor's opinion that the financial statements are presented fairly, in all material respects, in conformity with the applicable financial reporting framework.

Monthly Financial Reports

Room rentals at SpringHouse Village

Cost and rental contract
If you're looking for a venue for an upcoming event, look no further than The SpringHouse Clubhouse. Linked below is a copy of the rental contract form and rooms available for rent. 

Please note the Clubhouse can be rented by Daybreak residents, however, rental prices are discounted for SpringHouse residents. 

SpringHouse resident SHV rental contract

Daybreak resident SHV rental contract

Meeting Information

Upcoming Meetings

Open Board Meeting
To be determined. We will update the website and all homeowners when the next Open Board meeting will be held.

Open Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Annual Meeting Minutes
Open Board Q&A forms
Open Board Meeting Q&A forms


Maintenance and Landscape Information

Landscape Information
BrightView Information
Maintenance Responsibilities
Maintenance Responsibilities
Maintenance Responsibility Chart
Landscape Town Hall
For those who were unable to attend the meeting on Tuesday, April 6th. Below are the video links:
  • Part 1 - Video and Slideshow. Passcode is a4b3#G+%
  • Part 2- Q & A recording only 
Approved Daybreak Waterwise Park Strips

HOA Fundamentals

HOA Fundamentals

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