What's Buzzin' Around Oquirrh Lake?

1 - Copy (2)You might have noticed that spring is in full force, and the Mayflies are ever-present! However, did you know that these aquatic insects are essential to Oquirrh Lake’s ecosystem? The Mayfly population indicates water quality and lake health. In fact, Mayflies are a vital source of food for the fish and birds of Oquirrh Lake. 

Mayflies are narrow insects that sport antennae, two pairs of wings and six legs. As an aquatic species, these insects do not bite or sting and spend most of their lives in the water as nymphs (immature mayflies). As nymphs, they live at the bottom of the lake, feeding on organic material such as microalgae. During this time, other organisms such as fish will eat them for nutrients. Once they mature, the Mayflies leave the water and survive only for a few days.

Mayflies are attracted to light sources and may gather near doorways, light posts or windows. It is common to find them near light sources outside your home or in common areas. While the Mayflies aren’t enjoyable and are often seen as a nuisance, they make up an important piece of Oquirrh Lake’s ecosystem.

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