April Garden Plot Rentals

Daybreak residents can rent garden beds in the warmer months to grow produce, flowers, herbs and other plants. 

2020 Online Registration - Starting April 4 
Due to coronavirus social distancing efforts, registration will be done online and over the phone in 2020. Please follow these steps. 

  1. Please download and complete the fillable garden plot registration form.
  2. Email the completed PDF file to jdixon@ccmcnet.com.
  3. Review the below garden plot maps and have a few garden plot preferences in mind. 
  4. John will review the applications in order they are received in his inbox starting April 4 and call renters to confirm the individual garden plots they would like to reserve. 
  5. Renters need to drop off their payment at the office dropbox within a week to confirm registration. 
  6. Association staff will add marker stakes to individual garden plots. 

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