Oquirrh Lake Water Testing & Quality

Oquirrh Lake is a beautiful centerpiece to the Daybreak Community. Complete with beaches, fishing, trails, watercraft and more, residents enjoy many activities that the lake provides. Many, though, are not aware of the maintenance and care that go into the water to ensure a safe and healthy ecosystem.

The Daybreak Community Association works with the Daybreak Water Company and Aqua Environmental to regularly test the water. Testing usually includes PH levels, E. coli, and also can include mineral and metal content along with cyanobacteria. Cyanobacteria, which is famous for creating the harmful blue-green algae that has periodically shut down Utah Lake, has not recently been found in Oquirrh Lake in levels approaching anything resembling a health hazard to our residents. Normal, green algae is found in the Lake along with many other open bodies of water in the state and can grow more rapidly in the summer but does not usually pose a problem. Residents can see this algae build up near shorelines or while venturing out on watercraft. This algae is not harmful or toxic in any way and helps to add to the healthy ecosystem as part of the basis for the food chain of the lake.

Before entering the lake, water is run through an extensive sulfurous acid bath and sand filter to take out any harmful bacteria and pollutants. From mayflies and dragonflies to fish, frogs, turtles and more (including a few ducks that have been spotted from time to time), thrive in the lake and as we expand the ecosystem, we hope to continue improving the quality of the water for residents to enjoy long into the future.

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