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In 2018, the members of the Daybreak Community Association elected their first homeowner voting member to the Board of Directors. Tim Young was elected to serve a two year term; that term is ending this November. This fall, an election will be held to elect the next homeowner voting member to the Board of Directors.  The Nominating Committee is now accepting applications for the next resident board member until 4 pm on September 21, 2020. If you are interested in becoming the next voting resident board member, please apply today!

As per Section 3(a) of the By-Laws for the Daybreak Community Association, the Nominating Committee is charged with the responsibility of providing a fair election for the Members of the Daybreak Community Association and will oversee the election process of the owner Directors to the Daybreak Board of Directors. The Nominating Committee shall select a slate of candidates to fill positions on the Board of Directors in accordance with what is stated in Section 3(g) of the Nominating Committee Charter.

Legal Counsel has been consulted when necessary and the overall process has focused on ensuring maximum participation by Daybreak Community Property Owners in the election process. It is strongly believed that the process should be open and considered fair by all owners and that all deliberations be focused toward a process that will produce broad representation and make participants feel good about their involvement.

To apply, interested candidates must be an owner and in good standing with the Daybreak Community Association.  Please review the application packet for details on the process and how to apply. 


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