2020 Resident Board Member Election

In 2018, the members of the Daybreak Community Association elected their first homeowner voting member to the Board of Directors. Tim Young was elected to serve a two year term; that term is ending this November. Residents will elect the next homeowner voting member to the Board of Directors.  

Election Timeline
October 19 - Ballots mailed to residents 
October 26 - Meet the Candidates Night | 6:00 pm 
October 19 - November 10 - Voting open 

The nominating committee has finalized a slate of two candidates for residents. Below  are their bios. 
Jim McMenamy - Island Resident Since May 2020 
CandidateJimI see my role as an advocate to represent all Daybreak members for the long-term good of the community and individual needs. Residents should vote for me because I have many years of experience dealing with people, processes, leadership, and have a knack for getting things done on time, within budget, and to customer satisfaction. I am easy to get along with and will represent our constituent's trust in all capacities. 
  • Starting in Boy Scouts, I was a Scoutmaster and Committee Chairman for 11 years (my son is an Eagle Scout).
  • I was an NCO in the Air Force for 17 years and held the position of Director of Education at the AF leadership school for 3 years.
  • AT Mutual of Omaha, I led many initiatives related to process improvement, Diversity awareness, Team Building, Quality improvement, and many ad hoc roles in a Fortune 400 company.
I see the greatest challenge will be communication and coordination in this COVID 19 environment. More attention needs to be paid to ensure all voices are heard. My vision for Daybreak is to help influence our board in order to become the best homeowner association in the country. One rule or issue I would like to influence or change is to provide greater incentives to participate in community events. I am motivated by giving people hope in the future. We have so much acrimony in the public square and I think we need much more positive things to balance the negatives.

Richard Piggott - SoDa Row Resident Since 2016  
CandidateRichardI absolutely love and enjoy living in Daybreak and in taking part with the community. From farmers markets, endless parks, relaxing water sports, and quality entertainment, the community has everything one could offer a family. Daybreak is a community that I love being associated with and one of the main reasons I am applying for this position is that I feel I can assist Daybreak in being even more successful. My background has been centered in the field of Civil/Site Engineering with a focus in Land Development. I have been involved in the design of several key retail, commercial and residential projects in the state of Utah over the past 25 years. They have included large and small retail developments, office/warehouse developments, residential subdivisions, parks, stream realignment, pipeline relocation, etc. In the last years of my consulting career, I have been more focused in site design and project management, having been given the position of Senior Project Manager with my latest firm.

Some of the pertinent skills I can bring to Daybreak are:
  • 25 years of expertise in the civil design of retail, commercial, residential, and institutional developments.
  • 12 years of entitling land throughout the State, including difficult projects for companies like Walmart.
  • Ability to apply value engineering so as to receive the best project for Daybreaks dollar.
  • Experience with Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Government Officials, Planning Commission, etc.
  • Strong communication skills, both oral and written.
  • Strong desire to learn and expand my skills through training.
I have structured my career to work in the Land Development Profession and look forward to applying that knowledge to working with Daybreaks Board of Directors. Through the years I have learned how to work with people and help them understand the process of development. I can simplify complex code requirements and apply common sense to help all parties be successful. I know my background would help me understand the issues that will be brought before the board and be able to keep the community informed. I plan to represent, to the best of my abilities, the whole of Daybreak. I live in the community and hope to for a long time.

Meet The Candidates Night 
Monday, October 26  |  6pm  |  Online Videoconference 
The candidates will have an opportunity to engage with the community during the Meet the Candidates night. Email daybreak@ccmcnet.com with questions you would like the candidates to answer during this meeting.  Please register for this meeting and the management team will provide login details. 


Voting Is Easy! 

Election voting will take place online, by mail or drop box.  Voting packets have been mailed to residents. If you have not received your packet or need a replacement ballot, please contact the Merriman River Group 1-877-324-7655, select the Daybreak Community Association option.

To vote online, you will need the access code printed on your reply envelope and to verify your identity. Online voting closes November 10, 2020 at 5 pm MST.

To vote by mail, follow the instructions and return the ballot in the reply envelope that was enclosed in the ballot packet. Mail ballots must be received by the Post Office by November 10, 2020 at noon.

You can drop off your ballot at the Daybreak Community Center or the Association office until November 10 at 5pm. Please be sure to use the reply envelope included in the ballot packet so you can be identified. Each location will have a secure lock box for your ballot. 

Proxy - To provide contactless voting options during the election, live voting in person will not be an option this year. Proxy forms for the election are not necessary. 

Nominating Committee 
Nominating Committee Charter & Members
As per Section 3(a) of the By-Laws for the Daybreak Community Association, the Nominating Committee is charged with the responsibility of providing a fair election for the Members of the Daybreak Community Association and will oversee the election process of the owner Directors to the Daybreak Board of Directors. The Nominating Committee selected a slate of candidates to fill positions on the Board of Directors in accordance with what is stated in Section 3(g) of the Nominating Committee Charter.

Legal Counsel has been consulted when necessary and the overall process has focused on ensuring maximum participation by Daybreak Community Property Owners in the election process. It is strongly believed that the process should be open and considered fair by all owners and that all deliberations be focused toward a process that will produce broad representation and make participants feel good about their involvement.

Other Resources:
2020 Campaign Guidelines

The Daybreak Community Association Charter notes the following:

  • Section 4.2 Voting: Each Unit is assigned one equal vote, subject to the limitations on voting set forth in the Community Association Charter and the other Governing Documents.
  • Section 8 Compliance and Enforcement, 8.2(a): The Board may impose sanctions for violation of the Governing Documents, including those sanctions listed in Chapter 8 and any others described elsewhere in the Governing Documents including (ii) suspend an Owner’s right to vote.

The Daybreak Community Association Assessment Collection Policy,

  • Paragraph 7. VOTING PRIVILEGES. Pursuant to Section 8.2(a)(ii) of the Charter, the voting rights of an Owner will be suspended beginning 30 days following the “Due Date” for any assessment owing by such Owner and will remain suspended until the assessment and all related interest, handling charges and attorney's fees are paid in full or other arrangements have been made. Notice of the suspension of voting rights and owner privileges shall be included in the “Notice of Lien” letter, and will be contemporaneous with the referral of the matter to counsel.

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