2021 Master Association Town Hall Budget Workshop Highlights

On October 28, 2020, the resident Budget and Finance Committee and the Daybreak Community Association management team held a Homeowner Town Hall Budget Workshop with residents to review the proposed 2021 budget. As you may be aware, the preparation of the budget is a process that includes a review of the current contracts, invoices, expenses and revenues from the past year and the projected expenses and revenues for the upcoming budget year.
After much discussion, the Budget and Finance Committee developed the budget based on community priorities and objectives. For the benefit of all residents, we are providing links to the materials discussed during the Workshop that outline these priorities and objectives. 
After considering the projected revenue and all anticipated expenses for 2021, the master association assessment will have a net increase of 0% or $0 per unit per month.
Please note that if you live in a sub-association with additional amenities, your sub-association budget is separate from the master association. Please contact your sub-association manager and board for more information on any budget details for 2021.

Budget Presentation                        Budget Comparison To Prior Year

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