We survived 2020, so let’s do more this year, let’s thrive! Brought to you by the Community Center Fitness Team, this year’s fitness challenge is about more than just physical fitness. The challenge covers overall wellness, both mentally and physically.  Each aspect of this challenge is meant to push you to do more in 45 days. The participants are all in this together, to support each other and to push each other along the way!

Dates: January 22 - March 7

Cost: $20  (includes two ‘Thrive’ fitness classes)

Goal: Collect Fitness Points


  • First place: 1 year group fitness membership. ($300 value)
  • Second place: 6 personal fitness sessions ($252 value)

Everyone has the chance to win in this challenge!  In addition to the overall winner, each participant may earn a colored tank top depending on level of points achieved. 

Level 1: 8,000 points-White tank
Level 2: 10,000 points-Blue tank
Level 3: 16,000 points-Black tank


You will receive points for the activities listed below.

  • 1 point per calorie burned
  • Verify by posting a picture of your apple watch, or fitbit, or other device to the Facebook group after your workouts
  • 50 points per fitness class attended.
    Either at the DCC or another fitness facility taught by a certified instructor. Verified by RecDesk reservation or post a selfie at the class to the Facebook group.
  • 100 points per day for posting one healthy accomplishment
    (Drinking 64oz of water, walking 10,000 steps, eating a healthy meal, etc.) 
  • 100 points per day for 10 minutes of meditation or silent reflection
    Verify by posting a pic of you sitting in meditation to the Facebook group
  • 500 points for reading one book from the book list and posting two paragraphs about what you learned
  • Book List:
    Atomic Habits, by James Clear
    Grit, by Angela Duckworth
    The Happiness Advantage, Shawn Achor
    13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, by Amy Morin
    Tools of Titans, by Tim Ferris

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