Basin Park

Basin Park
South Jordan, UT 84095

You may have noticed a new park with interesting landscaping. Basin Park is actually a retention basin in disguise. Daybreak has many common areas that double as a retention basin which is designed to catch and absorb surface water before returning it to the underground aquifer. Basin park, in particular, is landscaped with a special grass known as ‘Sedge Grass’ which acts as a large filter to remove pollutants and sediments before it enters the aquifer. This is a prime reason this park does not have playground equipment for children because it has a different purpose. However, this park does include trails for a nice stroll, gas fire pit and a beautiful shade structure that is illuminated during the evening hours. 

The park is still in the process of being officially turned over to the Association but you are welcome to stop by and check it out today.

basin park 2 Unknown Image  

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