How Does Daybreak Contribute To Water Conservation?

Daybreak Water Conservation 

With the current state of emergency and severe drought in Utah, Daybreak is focused on water conservation. Daybreak uses a program called WeatherTrak with controllers that help prevent watering during inclement weather and allows the Association to track water usage among the larger green spaces. It sends our operations team and landscapers alerts of possible leaks, or continuous watering so there can be a tech onsite as soon as possible. Daybreak also uses a mix of turf and water-wise native grass landscaping in various areas to lower water usage throughout the community. Retention basins within Daybreak are designed to catch surface water with the help of a certain type of grass known as Sedge Grass. Sedge grass is specifically used for its heat and drought tolerance which makes it perfect for limiting landscaping water use. Retention basins play a big role in conserving water by controlling, slowing stormwater runoff and storing it from nearby areas, especially in areas with abundant construction. 

Although the Association supports water conservation through extensive efforts, sprinklers and other water systems might become damaged. Please report any water issues to the Association office as quickly as possible so our vendors can address them immediately.

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