Water-Wise Landscaping Process

The Daybreak Community Association encourages water-wise and sustainable landscaping. In fact, from the very foundation of the Community, Daybreak has been committed to sustainable growth and preserving scarce natural resources. Due to the current drought situation and incentive programs being offered by South Jordan City, we are experiencing a significant amount of inquiries about “flipping the strip” or incorporating xeric or water-wise landscaping. With careful execution and approval by the Design Review Committee, a xeric or sustainable landscape can be a beautiful addition and meet all of the requirements outlined in our Resident Design Guidelines. 

If you are considering “flipping the strip” or incorporating a water-wise landscape into your existing landscape plans, the following guidelines will help you get started.

  1. Any landscape modification must be applied for and approved by the Design Review Committee. Please contact the Daybreak Community Association office for an application form and to schedule a consultation.
  2. A water-wise landscape does not mean a plant or maintenance-free landscape.
  3. At least 80% of your park strip or yard must consist of plant material with a variety of colors, sizes and textures for year-round visual appeal.
  4. Drip irrigation is required.
  5. Steel edging is recommended to separate xeriscaped areas from turf.
  6. Dark brown, shredded, organic mulch or rock mulch may be used as a ground covering.
  7. Colored or dyed mulch (red or black) is prohibited.
  8. Rock mulch must be neutral in color and 1-2” in size (No black, red or white rock).
  9. It can take up to two years for a water-wise landscape to be fully established.
  10. During the establishment period, your landscape will need to be watered frequently.
  11. Fall is an excellent time to plant your water-wise landscape to limit water usage while new plants are being established.

Please contact Marissa Burridge mburridge@ccmcnet.com or Jaimie Morris jmorris@ccmcnet.com if you have additional questions or would like to schedule a consultation. 

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