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Daybreak's governing documents are a little lengthy so we have created a shortened version of the community's most common community standards for reference:SHORT GUIDE TO DAYBREAK StandardS

Access To Amenities

Amenity Access
If you are new to Daybreak and need amenity access, please follow these steps: 
  1. Click on “Create Account” on RecDesk portal below and fill in the details. You will receive an email with a link to a waiver and instructions. 
  2. Your RecDesk account will be approved within 1-3 business days through a second email confirmation. You can use RecDesk to make reservations for certain amenities. Note that the pools and watercraft rentals do not require a reservation. 
  3. Download the Kisi app to your mobile device. 
  4.  You will then receive an email from Kisi for mobile amenity access (check junk and spam folders). Create an account through the link in the email. 
  5.  Once the account is created on Kisi,  log in to the app. This app will allow you to access all amenities. Kisi is accepted as a form of ID to staff at the lake and pool amenities.
With the Kisi app, you are now ready to enjoy all amenities!
New Buyer Under Contract
Daybreak's future residents who have signed contracts on homes under construction are welcome to use the community amenities and attend LiveDAYBREAK events and activities. Builder sales agents must complete a Home under Contract Information and Facility Use Authorization for new buyers. Once completed, buyers can obtain a three-month amenity access card by taking this form to the Daybreak Community Center during normal hours. 

Home Under Contract and Facility Use Authorization


What Do My Assessments Pay For?
The Daybreak Community Association assessments pay for the operation and upkeep of all common areas and common amenities in Daybreak. Those who live in a sub-association will have additional dues for other services such as landscaping, snow removal, or exterior maintenance.
How Can I Pay my Dues?

Residents can pay assessments through: 
  • Check, money order, or cashier checks in the Association office
  • Direct debits
  • Bill pay
  • Electronic checks 
  • Credit card or debit card online
  • Automatic withdraw online
To make a payment, you will need your account number and the correct payment amount. Statements can be sent electronically or by paper delivery and are due on the first day of each quarter.  See full details on the Payment Options page.

We have provided the 2024 Daybreak Assessment Rates here if needed.

Community Management

If you live in a sub-association, you will also have separate governing documents for that specific association that outline the unique owner and association responsibilities. You will find the list on the sub-association page as well as the specific manager you can contact for any questions or maintenance issues.
Board Of Directors & Open Meetings
The Board of Directors for the Daybreak Community Association is made up of both developer and resident representatives. Open Board Meetings are an opportunity for residents to learn about the Association and bring information to the attention of the Board. Please see our meetings page for a list of upcoming Open Board Meetings.
The Daybreak Community Association has several standing committees made of resident members. There are also Ad-Hoc committees that are formed from time to time to work on specific projects and are then disbanded with the project is complete. The permanent committees are Budget and Finance, Compliance, Design Review, Lake Village Waterside Club Advisory and Common Area Advisory committees.
The governing documents are deed restrictions recorded against each property in Daybreak and make up the legal documents that establish Daybreak as a planned community and govern its operation. To protect property values and preserve the character of the community, the legal documents provide for the establishment of architectural standards and the development of rules that govern property use within the community. You are encouraged to read all of the governing documents received at or before closing. 
The Association office offers notary services free of charge.  Call our office or email to set up an appointment. 

Community Standards

The ultimate goal of community standards staff is to keep the community beautiful through compliance and resolving owner violations. See the Compliance Page for common compliance reminders for trash, pets, leasing, parking and more. 

If you have any concerns, please Report A Violation to our team.
Design Review
All landscaping and exterior architectural modifications must be approved by the Design Review Committee before they are installed to ensure they adhere to community standards. If you plan to make any modifications to the exterior of your home, complete a digital Design Review application.
If you are looking to lease out your property please refer to our Leasing Policies. Residents must reside in their home for one year before renting the property and leases must be a minimum of 30 days.
If you are planning on operating a business from your home in Daybreak, please fill out one of the below applications to gain approval from the board. Email the completed form to 

Park Strip Trees

The park strip trees have been planted in your park strip by a representative of the Developer. Once the home is purchased, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to care for the trees to ensure their survival. Larry H. Miller Real Estate does not offer a warranty or tree replacement because the care of the trees falls to the homeowner after installation.  See our Park Strip Tree News Article for more information.

Organizations of Daybreak

Daybreak Community Association
The Association manages the day-to-day operations of the community such as community standards, and maintains common areas and community amenities. Assessments collected for the Daybreak Community Association are used to fund the operation and maintenance of common areas and amenities within the community.
  • Contact for questions about: Design review, facilities, amenities, community rules and maintenance.
Larry H Miller Real Estate is the developer of Daybreak. The developer works with builders who buy lots in our community to build homes. Larry H Miller Real Estate also handles the development of most common areas in Daybreak including new parks, facilities and amenities. 
  • Contact for questions about: Builders, new facilities and upcoming development.
LiveDaybreak is independent from the Association and under the direction of its own board of directors. It enhances the lives of residents through five values including connectivity, lifelong learning, healthy living, arts & diversity and giving back. Activities are funded through community enhancement fees and sponsorships, not HOA dues.
  • Contact for questions about: upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, clubs and public art.
The Board of Directors for the Daybreak Community Association contracts with CCMC for the community management services on behalf of the residents. CCMC is a national leader in community management and provides a dedicated onsite team to assist in overseeing and maintaining the daily operations of the community consistent with he expectations of the board.

Community Enhancement Fee

Community Enhancement Fee
A key element in making Daybreak unique was the creation of a non-profit entity called LiveDAYBREAK, tasked with creating a culture where residents live more fulfilling lives. Each week there are several opportunities for residents to learn, volunteer and connect with one another. On the yearly calendar are events such as the New Resident Social, Summer Concert Series, Lakeside Luau and Bollywood celebration. To fund this organization, a one-time community enhancement fee of .5% of the gross sales price of the home is paid at closing and transfer of title.
Community Enhancement Fee

Shared Spaces

Maintenance Request
If you see maintenance concerns in a park, trail or common area please contact the master association so the issue can be addressed. Community roads, street lights and a few public parks are owned by the City of South Jordan. Residents can send maintenance requests through their website at
City Responsibilities
All public streets in Daybreak are managed by the city of South Jordan including street lights. A few of the parks including Calendar Square, Hillside Park, Sunrise Mountain Park and Highland Park are also maintained by the city. Visit South Jordan City for more information.
Trash pickup
Trash pickup is managed by the City of South Jordan and pickup is every Wednesday in Daybreak.
Founders and SoDa Row
Garbage day will be changing April 6, 2020 for Founders and SoDa Row to either Monday or Tuesday each week. See here for more information.
Mailbox or Mailbox keys
The mailboxes are installed by the developer,  where they then take the keys to the USPS office who will assign boxes and issue keys to the owner. Should you have any questions regarding your mailbox or keys please contact the South Jordan Post Office.
Snow Pushing
The streets and lanes within Daybreak are public roadways; therefore, the City of South Jordan is responsible for snow-pushing services for all streets and lanes. Each single-family homeowner is obligated to remove snow from their driveway, entry walks, and the public sidewalks in front and on the side of their home. Sub-Association and Benefited Service Area residents may pay additional assessments to have these services provided to the common area driveways and walking paths within their complex. Call the Daybreak Community Association or your Sub-Association or BSA manager for any questions on specific areas.


Child Watch
Child supervision is available in the Daybreak Community Center with hourly, daily and monthly rates available. See Child Watch prices and hours.
Daybreak Community Center
The DCC provides a fitness center and fitness classes for residents. Class schedules are available on the website along with fitness passes.
You can fish in Oquirrh Lake from the shoreline. You must have a valid Utah State fishing license, and all corresponding rules apply. Please stay within the designated fishing areas as posted.
Garden Plots
Choose from six communal gardens and rent a plot for your summer vegetables. Contact the DCA each spring to reserve your spot.
Lake Rentals
Boats including kayaks, canoes, paddleboards and sailboats are available for Daybreak residents to check out from Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day weekend. Take your resident ID card to the Beach Club on the west side of Oquirrh Lake. The Harbor Master will happily lend you a boat. 

Duffy Boat
Rides on the Duffy boat are available free to residents as well. See details on the Oquirrh Lake page.
Daybreak's parks include over 40 miles of trails for both bikes and foot traffic, as well as sport courts, pavilions and playground equipment. Residents can reserve a pavilion with a deposit by calling the Daybreak Community Center. Please note that no motorized vehicles are allowed on trails.
Personal Watercraft
Seasonal boat permits are required for residents who want to use their own personal kayak, paddle board or other approved watercraft on the lake. Each permit costs $12, and is good for one year and one watercraft. Pick up your permit for Oquirrh Lake each spring.
Eastlake Swimming Pool, Brookside Swimming Pool, Highland Park Pool, DCC Pool and the Splash Pad are open every day of the week from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend. Limited hours are available during extended dates. You’ll find the specific hours for lap swimming, open plunge and more on our Aquatics Page. Programs including swim lessons, Spashball water aerobics and Tsunami Fitness are available for an additional cost to residents.
Room Rentals
Four rooms are available for residents to rent at the Daybreak Community Center.  See rates and photos. Residents can also look at The Garden Park Clubhouse or SpringHouse  Clubhouse for a room rental.
Lake Swimming
Swimming and wading are not allowed in Oquirrh Lake, due to the effect this would have on the water quality and ecosystem of the lake.

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