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LiveDAYBREAK Community Arts are funded by Commercial Community Enhancement Fees (CE Fees) collected at the time of closing of a commercial property sale within Daybreak. The fees collected support community art initiatives. For resales, the fee is ½ of 1% of the sale price. It should be noted that the Homeowners Association (HOA) and LiveDAYBREAK are separate entities and have different funding sources.

Permanent Public Daybreak Art

  • Piece Name: Bike Monsters
  • By: Sugar Post Metal in conjunction with the LiveDAYBREAK Community Arts Advisory Committee
  • Year Built: 2018
 In conjunction with Fed Conlon of Sugar Post Metal, the CAAC has worked diligently to design and place the five sculptures in four locations around Oquirrh Lake and one location in Founders Park.
"It really lends itself (Daybreak) to public art that would incorporate the idea that Daybreak has of being a walkable, bikeable, fitness-based community," said Conlon.
After deciding on the inspiration of the sculptures, the CAAC and LiveDAYBREAK worked with the community remembers to collect donated bikes that would be incorporated into the design of each "bike monster" sculpture.

  • BikeMonster8Piece Name: Papa Wheelie (Bike Monster)
  • Location: Oquirrh Lake Loop near Oquirrh Lake Rd & Daybreak Pkwy
  • Year Built: 2018


  • Piece Name: Pedal & Metal (Bike Monster)
  • Location: Oquirrh Lake Loop near Eastlake Park Playground (Oquirrh Lake Rd & Isla Daybreak Rd)
  • Year Built: 2018 

  • Piece Name: Rusty & Son (Bike Monster)BikeMonster11
  • Location: Daybreak Bike Trails in Founders Park (west side park on Oakmond Rd between Farview Ln and Lumina Dr.
  • Year Built: 2018 

  • BikeMonster14Piece Name: The Rolling Clones (Bike Monster)
  • Location: Oquirrh Lake Loop on North Shore (Oquirrh Lake Rd & Iron Mountain Dr)
  • Year Built: 2018

  • Piece Name: Wheel & Grace (Bike Monster)
  • Location: 
  • Year Built: 2018

  • Piece Name: SoDa Row Murals
  • By: Penny Bohn
  • Location: SoDa Row
  • Year Built: 2018
  • Interactive painted murals

wings-2 - CopySoar  
Everyone has, at one time or another, wondered what it would be like to fly. Or at the very least, wonder what having a set of wings would look like. This mural invites people to interact with it and see themselves as something other-worldly, and to share that image with our wingless peers online.

WallMuralEditHidden Zen
This art conveys that an immovable object can be manipulated with a small gesture. The image of a person ‘pulling back’ the brick to reveal a colorful zentangle design is intended to make one wonder if the brick is really brick at all or just an illusion hiding a zen-ful secret. This mural begs to be photographed and shared, with the viewer wondering, “how did you…?”

  • Piece Name: Colorful Connections
  • Artist: Aelias McHam
  • Location: Tunnel under 114th Street and Kestrel Ridge
  • Year Completed: 2021

Tunnel Mural

The bright, bold colors of this mural were selected by local artist Aelias McHam to imitate the vivid palette often seen in the majestic skies above Daybreak. The mountains that surround the area are featured inside the tunnel to give passersby a vibrant view from below ground. A Daybreak resident himself, McHam completed this mural in his signature graffiti style which features geometric shapes, and playfully abstract lines created using fluorescent spray paint.

“I decided to go with a design that was bright and vibrant. I arranged the colors to have the most contrast and added fluorescent spray-paint accents to kick things up,” said McHam, a  resident here in Daybreak. “I went with an abstract design of fun lines and geometric shapes to make the most people satisfied with the artwork.”

Piece Name: Swimmin’ in the Rain
Artist: Shu Yamamoto
Location: Daybreak Community Center Pool - Exterior
Installation Year: 2022

Swimmin’ in the Rain - CopyLet this artwork bring a smile to your face! This mural by renowned artist Shu Yamamoto celebrates one of Daybreak’s favorite summer pastimes—swimming at the community pool. The design, which incorporates the wall’s drainpipe, is a nod to the iconic Singin’ in the Rain and is stationed to welcome residents as they arrive at the pool, anxiously awaiting the glorious feeling of cool water and warm sunshine. Community members can also find artwork by Shu Yamamoto featured on two utility boxes within Daybreak.

Piece Name: La Reyna Del Mar
Artist: Leon Araujo
Instagram: @noise_explosion
Location: Daybreak Community Center Pool – Interior
Installation Year: 2022

La Reyna Del Mar - CopyThis queen of the sea watches over subjects playfully splashing in the cool waters of the Daybreak Community Center pool. The bright vibrant colors, done in acrylic and spray paint, are a signature of local artist, Leon Araujo. The design invites viewers to immerse themselves in whimsical imagination, to plunge into the mysteries the water might hold. Additional artwork by Leon Araujo can be found in the southmost pedestrian tunnel along Oquirrh Lake’s bike paths near Hillside Park.

IMG_9294 - CopyPiece Name: Celebrate Diversity
Artist: Leon Araujo
Instagram: @noise_explosion
Location: under W Daybreak Parkway and Kestrel Ridge
Installation Year: 2022


1F1A5144 - Copy

Artist: Kim Bourrie

Daybreak is full of charming homes in all shapes and sizes. Local artist and Daybreak resident Kim Bourrie wanted to capture the whimsical beauty of our neighborhood with her utility box wrap design. This wrap, featuring a darling miniature house, fits right in with Daybreak’s colorful personality.

4882 Fish Hook Rd

Cat utility box

Artist: Shu Yamamoto
Artwork Title: Louvre Museum Paintings

Artist Shu Yamamoto’s lively artwork for this box wrap plays on famous paintings found at the Louvre museum with one fun twist—all of the subjects are cats!

11543 Holly Springs Dr

Colorful Bird utility box

Artist: Bill Louis
Artwork Title: In Flight

What looks simply like a bright and bold box wrap design is actually a tribute to Utah history. In-Flight, Utah artist Bill Louis created this bold design featuring the Utah state bird, a California Gull. Bill’s inspiration for the piece is derived from the history of the gulls being brought into the state to eat hordes of crickets invading farmers’ crops. The bold colors and sweeping imagery found on this wrap come from the artist’s background in street art and his use of geometric and abstract imagery. The design features the gull’s wings, transforming in movement, its motion-captured as it transitions in flight-ready to swoop in and grab a cricket. The floral design in the background represents the beauty of the farmers’ crops being saved by the birds.

4975 South Jordan Parkway

Farmer utility box

Artist: Lynzie Little
Artwork Title: Daybreak Parodies

Passionate about utilizing public art to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, local Daybreak artist Lynzie Little developed this box wrap featuring parodies of famous paintings with local Daybreak touches incorporated. Look closely, and you’ll experience starry nights from the Daybreak docks, a tribute to some tasty local treats in American Gothic, Monet’s water lilies floating in Oquirrh Lake, the Mona Lisa ready to join in on some sledding-hill excitement, and Daybreak’s own Papa Wheelie popping a wheelie in some Warhol-like pop art. The artist’s work for this box wrap excels at putting a relatable and humorous spin on these classics for the Daybreak community to enjoy.

Located in Callendar Square Park (4526 Harvest Moon Dr)

Frog utility box (1) - Copy

Artist: Kim Bourrie

Who doesn’t want to meet a frog on their stroll around the lake? Local Daybreak artist Kim Bourrie captures Daybreak’s natural playfulness in this larger-than-life-sized frog box wrap.

On Oquirrh Lake Loop south of West Beach


Artist: Austin Hudson

Local artist Austin Hudson created a playful pair of box wraps sure to enthrall the children who walk by these utility boxes every day. This scene of a mischievous cat taking swipes at unsuspecting goldfish appeals to your inner child no matter how old you happen to be.

In the park at 10770 Ozarks Dr by Eastlake Elementary School


Artist: Rosemary Gioielli

These charming paintings of hummingbirds by artist Rosemary Gioielli translated beautifully into a box wrap that compliments the serenity of Sunrise Mountain Park, accessible from the Eastlake village in Daybreak. The artist’s use of soft colors and soft brush strokes suits the area’s graceful landscape and the elegant charisma of the wrap’s not-so-tiny subjects.

In Sunrise Moutain Park at the corner of Topview Rd and Open Crest Dr

School utility box

Artist: Dave Doman
Artwork Title: Seasons

Artist Dave Doman’s graffiti-style box wrap features each of Utah’s four seasons that blend one panel after the next as you travel around the box.

Behind Mountain Creek Middle School and Golden Field Elementary at the corner of Nokasippi Ln and Kestrel Rise Rd

Box 1 - North Shore Community Garden-2 - Copy

  • Location: North Shore Community Garden
  • Artist: Charlotte Pili – Studio Witch House
  • Instagram: @StudioWitchHouse
  • Artwork Title: Thumbelina Modern Day

About the Design: This utility box wrap was designed with the community garden in mind and features a fantasy garden world of tiny Thumbelina-sized inhabitants.

Box 2 - Lake Village-2 - Copy

  • Location: Lake Village – Crosswater Road
  • Artist: Melody Greenlief
  • Instagram: @ArtistMelodyGreenlief
  • Facebook: The Artist Melody Greenlief
  • Website:
  • Artwork Title: Mountains

About the Design: The artist’s love of playing with paint and creating textures and layers with pigment is highlighted in this design which features the gorgeous mountains that surround Daybreak. The colors in this design were pulled from the surrounding area to create a sense of harmony that matches the serene feeling of Lake Village.

Box 3 - Garden Park Village-2 - Copy

  • Location: Garden Park Village Clubhouse
  • Artist: Durga Ekambaram
  • Instagram/Twitter: @Strokes_Durga
  • Artwork Title: Flora

About the Design: Inspired by her culture, local South Jordan artist Durga Ekambaram, celebrates the beauty of nature with this colorful design featuring flowers tangled in intricate zentangle patterns. This design features watercolor renditions of a rose, peony, lotus, hibiscus, and a sunflower.

Box 4 - Early Light Academy-2 - Copy

  • Location: Early Light Academy
  • Artist: Lindsey Schmidt
  • Artwork Title: Geometrigon

About the Design: This bold geometric design was created by Early Light Academy 7th grader Lindsey Schmidt with bright colors in hopes that it will brighten someone’s day. Her design represents the makeup of a community—though each hexagon is different, they all fit together.

Box 5 - Founders Park Community Garden-2 - Copy

  • Location: Founders Park Community Garden
  • Artist: Cara Jean Hall
  • Website:
  • Artwork Title: Beets

About the Design: Inspired by the artist’s love of gardening, this design was created to capture the bold color of beets—perfect for a community garden! The artist’s process involved planning nothing and resulted in a combination of abstraction of shape and realism of color. Note all the layers and textures throughout the design, which are repeated on each side of the utility box. Each view provides an opportunity to notice something new and intricate.

Box 6 - South Station-2 - Copy

  • Location: South Station – University Hospital & Trax Line
  • Artist: Shu Yamamoto
  • Website:
  • Artwork Title: MC Scratcher

About the Design: This design, created in the style of graphic artist MC Escher, pays tribute to the artist’s love of cats! This is Shu’s second utility box wrap featured in Daybreak.

Box 7 - Vida Apartments-2 - Copy

  • Location: South Station – Vida Apartments
  • Artist: Sarah Champion
  • Artwork Title: These Are the People in My Neighborhood

About the Design: This design was created to celebrate the diversity and variety of people found in our community. The artist, a Daybreak resident herself, channeled the joy she feels while walking around the neighborhood and seeing smiling faces into this cheerful design.

Box 8 - West Beach-2 - Copy

Location: West Beach
Artist: Alesha Sevy Kelley
Instagram: @ArtByAleshaSevyKelley
Artwork Title: Be-Utah-Ful Nature

About the Design: This colorful design is a surrealistic celebration of the stark beauty of Utah nature and features four different Utah landscapes. The heroes are the Utah wildflowers, the spectacular night sky, the alpenglow of a Utah sunset, and the red rock that spans from the top of our state to the bottom. Elements were both digitally rendered, and hand-painted in gouache and watercolor. The artist drew inspiration from her experiences living in different 

Box 9 - The Island-2 - Copy

  • Location: The Island
  • Artist: Elisabeth Williams
  • Artwork Title: Painted Flower

About the Design: Influenced by the natural, elegant feel of Daybreak, 18-year-old Daybreak resident artist Ellie Williams created this design with acrylic paint before digitalizing the image. The design features a painted flower, done in a mix of playful color and texture, and swirling whisps that draw you into the images.

Box 10 - Upper Daybreak-2 - Copy

  • Location: Upper Daybreak
  • Artist: David Malan
  • Instagram: @DaveMalanArt
  • Website:
  • Artwork Title: Prospect

About the Design: Local Daybreak artist, David Malan, uses his illustrations to focus on depicting the individual and articulating an untold story, which he playfully accomplishes with this design that tells a whimsical story of discovery and determination.

Suitcase utility box

  • Location: Next to Biscotts on Lake Ave in Upper Daybreak
  • Artist: Arianne Lewis
  • Website:
  • Artwork Title: Vintage Suitcase
This vintage suitcase was designed by Arianne Lewis, a photographer based out of Fort Worth, Texas, who integrated photographs taken during her exploration of Italy and France. Meant to encourage the desire for travel, passersby can head right on into Biscott’s Cafe, Daybreak’s own little taste of Europe! 



Catus Bike RackYou may have noticed a cactus growing out of the sidewalk behind Mathnasium and Tios recently. This new Cactus is a bike rack and is the latest art piece commissioned by the Daybreak Arts Council.

The artist behind the project, Lenka Konopasek, said the project aims to provide an exciting and visually striking design that would be colorful, playful and appealing to adults and children alike. The bike rack design reflects our area's natural beauty and history and its preservation.

Dino Bike RackThis pristine prehistoric piece is located at Lake Ave. park and is ready to take that bike off your hands while you take a load off. 

The artist behind the project, Lenka Konopasek, said the project aims to provide an exciting and visually striking design that would be colorful, playful and appealing to adults and children alike. The bike rack design reflects our area's natural beauty and history and its preservation.

  • HighWindAdvisorPiece Name: High Wind Advisor
  • By: Andrew Smith
  • Location: SoDa Row
  • Year Built: 2006
A freestanding sculpture is holding a weather vane in his outstretched hand. Due to strong winds within Daybreak, part of the weather vane had to be removed.
  • People in Transit 11Piece Name: People in Transit
  • By: David Boyer
  • Location: South Jordan Parkway Station
  • Year Built: 2011
  • A kinetic wind sculpture consisting of ten robotic flyers that weathervane into the wind.
 "People in Transit" is a sculpture consisting of 10 Peter-Pan-style flying people on tall poles. Installed at the Daybreak Parkway Utah Transit Authority (UTA) light rail station, this sculpture is a celebration of those folks that use the train for transportation. The flying aspect of the people is a fun, whimsical twist on the fast-paced nature of transportation in the modern age. 
People in Transit 21
The flyers come in three sizes, with the largest being on the shortest poles and the smallest being on the tallest poles. The flyers are made of steel and stainless steel and are mounted to the poles via low-friction bearings, allowing them to orient into the prevailing wind.

  • Piece Name: Lady in the Garden
  • By: Dennis Smith
  • Materials: Bronze - This sculpture was cast at Adonis Bronze in Alpine, Utah, and is of the highest quality the material the industry can provide.
  • Location: 4867 West Veeroma Way
  • Dimensions: Height 53” Width 33” Length 30”
Lady in the Garden FrontLady in the Garden was originally commissioned for Ferrari-Carano Winery located in Healdsburg, CA, and the first casting is currently displayed at their entrance. With our recasting, we have placed our piece at the Garden Park community gardens. The peaceful look on the woman’s face, and the active gesture of planting or collecting flowers, all play well into the goal of what you’re trying to accomplish. Lady in the Garden Back

  • Rockin’ ’til Daybreak
  • Artist: Deveren Farley
  • Location: 5071 W Daybreak Pkwy
  • Installation Year: 2021
Guitar 2.0The Daybreak Arts Council did it again! We are excited to introduce/ re-introduce the newly redesigned Guitar 2.0 by Deveren Farley with an interactive spin dial.

Inspired by a community-wide love of music, one of Daybreak’s favorite pastimes is embodied in this big and bold 24-ft sculpture. Viewers are encouraged to interact with the piece—spin the center wheel and watch the balls roll through 360 ft of gravity-powered tracks. Artist Deveren Farley’s pieces can be found throughout Daybreak—he’s also the creator of Silly Symphony, which was added to Daybreak’s permanent public art collection in 2021, and he regularly has work featured in Daybreak’s Art Ave program. 

1F1A4328This features five 15-17 foot tall Prairie Coneflowers by North Shore celebrate with food, music, and fun. The lights interact with the audience in an organic, fluid manner, like fireflies in the sky, to create a dynamic and engaging creative lighting experience. The wildflowers symbolize a healthy and thriving Daybreak community, as they support ecosystems and provide food and habitat for pollinators and other wildlife. Growing native plants, such as wildflowers, adds beauty, habitats, and helps us connect with nature.

Silly Symphony - CopySilly Symphony – Deveren Farley
Now part of Daybreak’s permanent collection!
Located in Linear Park: 5131 W Lake Ave, South Jordan, UT

Silly Symphony is a playful piece inspired by a Mickey Mouse cartoon that shows Mickey’s band performing in a concert outdoors. A tornado crashes the event and sweeps up everything and everyone in its path. In the cartoon and in the sculpture, you can see the whirling instruments and musical notes spinning through the air as they’re played by the band even as they are tossed around by the tornado. It’s massively silly!

Dancing with a DreamDancing With a Dream – Elizabeth Carter
Now part of Daybreak’s permanent collection!
Located in Linear Park: 5131 W Lake Ave, South Jordan, UT

This playful fairy, whirling away on a wind-blown dandelion, captures a moment of magic that invokes a sense of whimsy and joy. This sculpture was originally featured in Daybreak’s Art Ave program and was purchased for the permanent collection in 2021. The talented artist, and local Daybreak resident, Elizabeth Cater, completed this piece in her signature fairy-form using 25 lbs of stainless-steel wire. In addition to the Art Ave program and Daybreak’s permanent public art collection, Carter’s work was also featured in Daybreak’s 2021 Fizz Fest gallery show.

Now part of Daybreak’s Permanent Collection!

ldartwalk-1Catching Memories - Deveren Farley
Now part of Daybreak’s permanent collection!
Located in Linear Park: 5131 W Lake Ave, South Jordan, UT

Artist Deveren Farley creates his sculptures from old tools, recycled metal, and scraps of metal. Embracing the concepts of simple living and reusing and recycling our resources, he uses these elements to make his sculptures one-of-a-kind. They are ideal for every age group; whether you’re a child playing a game of I-Spy as you try to discover all the different components within the sculpture, or you’re an adult who has worked with these tools in your own hands, each time you look at the sculpture a new discovery is made. Catching Memories is something that everyone can relate to--the desire to capture our fondest memories in time.

7. Filling the Void – Myles Howell - CopyFilling the Void – Myles Howell
Now part of Daybreak’s permanent collection!
Located in Linear Park: 5131 W Lake Ave, South Jordan, UT

This sculpture, shaped from Nero Marquina Spanish Marble, is inspired by the beauty found in Utah’s desert landscapes. The artist has featured both convex and concave elements throughout the piece that mimic the windswept landscapes of the Southern Utah Desert.


Little Art Gallery
6172 W Lake Ave: (Across the Street from Biscotts)

art boxJoin the Daybreak Arts Council in showing off our vibrant artistic community! We invite all talented residents to participate in our Free Little Art Gallery. This is your chance to showcase your artistic skills and contribute to a display of local talent.

Drop your best smaller art pieces (think postcard size or smaller!) in the gallery box. Let's unite to foster the spirit of creativity and make our Free Little Art Gallery an inspiring haven for artistic expression.

Art Box InsideThis project was funded through a grant from Adobe and built by Daybreak resident Bob Brownell.

This Little Art Gallery is an art-sharing space where individuals can exhibit and enjoy artworks freely. Participants are welcome to take-one-leave-one as a part of this community art.


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