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In January of 2017, the LiveDAYBREAK Board of Directors created a committee dedicated to advocating for public art in Daybreak. The committee, The Daybreak Arts Council, is made up of Daybreak residents. 

The Daybreak Arts Council is to work in an advisory capacity to advocate for public art throughout the Daybreak community. This may include a variety of temporary, semi-temporary, or long-term art installations in Daybreak.


LiveDAYBREAK Community Arts are funded by Commercial Community Enhancement Fees (CE Fees) collected at the time of closing of a commercial property sale within Daybreak. The fees collected support community art initiatives. For resales, the fee is ½ of 1% of the sale price. It should be noted that the Homeowners Association (HOA) and LiveDAYBREAK are separate entities and have different funding sources.

Committee Members

  • Karen Sewell (Chair)
  • Laura Gaillard
  • Angie McGuire
  • Tanya Lewis
  • John Mazziotti
  • Dawn Riddle
  • Matt Radke
  • Ginamarie Marsala

 Would you like to be a member of the Daybreak Arts Council? Click on the application link below!

Daybreak Arts Council Application

Everything Arts Page

Daybreak Arts Council FAQs

Why was the Daybreak Arts Council formed?
To help create a unique sense of community by advocating for public arts.
How is the Daybreak Arts Council funded?
Each time a commercial property changes hands within Daybreak, a small community enhancement fee is collected by LiveDAYBREAK. The funds from these transactions are then earmarked and dedicated to the Daybreak Arts Council mission of advocating for public art in Daybreak.
Are my HOA funds paying for local art?
No, all LiveDAYBREAK funds are separate from the Daybreak Community Association (the HOA) funds.
How are members of the Daybreak Arts Council selected?
Residents apply through a simple application process and are appointed by the LiveDAYBREAK board. The residents on the committee serve for a 2-year term.
Are there open positions on the committee?
Yes, the committee was originally structured with several “seats” with the goal of obtaining as much community input as possible.
How is art selected?
The Daybreak Arts Council establishes yearly goals in regards to types of art and potential locations. Subcommittees are established on a regular basis to coordinate the details.
How are the locations determined?
The committee has spent a great deal of time to determine key locations for potential art. The overall goal is to have them placed in higher traffic areas.
Are there other art installations in Daybreak?
Yes, we encourage all to visit the existing art installations within Daybreak.
How often does the Art Council meet?
The Art Council meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at the Glass House.

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