Community Clubs

LiveDAYBREAK clubs provide opportunities for residents to share hobbies and interests. Sanctioned Daybreak clubs benefit from utilizing meeting space at the Community Center once per month at no charge as well as being advertised on the LiveDAYBREAK website (with contact information).

How To Make A Club

In order to become a club, residents must submit a simple request form to the Board of Directors for official approval and meet the following club criteria:

    • Club requests must consist of 5 residents who are interested in creating a club.
    • Clubs must advance at least two of the LiveDAYBREAK pillars (Connectivity, Lifelong Learning, Embracing Arts and Diversity, Healthy Living, and Giving Back).
    • Clubs may not be associated with any business or for-profit entity.
    • Clubs may not be limited to special interests or age.
    • Clubs may not prohibit membership or participation based on village or residence location within Daybreak.

Club Request Form

Club Funding

Did you know official Daybreak clubs can apply for monthly funds? To apply, complete and submit the necessary documents outlined below. The distribution of LiveDAYBREAK club funding is at the sole discretion of the LiveDAYBREAK Board of Directors. LiveDAYBREAK staff will provide recommendations. However, the board will determine which clubs receive funding and to what degree.

Club funding is granted by the Board bi-annually. Application due dates for each cycle are December 1st (for review at the January Board Meeting) and June 1st (for review at the July Board Meeting). The board will review applications at the first board meeting after the respective deadline.

The amount of club funding allotted for the year is included in that year’s operating budget under “57514 Club Funding” and is approved by the board when the budget is passed.

Half of the year’s club funding will be allocated to each funding cycle. It is up to the board’s discretion how much of the funding is given out in each cycle. Not all of the funding for that cycle or for the year needs to be allocated (i.e. if $10K is allocated toward club funding for the entire year, $5K will be allocated to the January funding cycle and the remaining funding will be allocated to the July cycle. The board does not have to give away all $5K allocated to the January funding cycle, nor the entire amount budgeted for the year).

Criteria for Approval
To be considered for funding, the club must fit each of the following criteria:
  1. Must be an official LiveDAYBREAK club (i.e. received prior board approval for club creation)
  2. A minimum of ¾ of club members must be Daybreak residents
  3. Must have been created at least six months ago
  4. Have monthly club meetings/activities
  5. Have not been awarded LiveDAYBREAK club funding within the last 6 months.
  6. Must meet at least two of the LiveDAYBREAK pillars
  7. A detailed accounting record is attached with this application IF funding has been issued previously. Failure to provide an accounting record will result in automatic application denial.
Clubs that are denied funding can re-apply in the next cycle. The board can deny funding for any reason.

Club funding is a competitive process; priority is given to clubs that most closely align with
LiveDAYBREAK’s pillars and mission.


LiveDAYBREAK Community Clubs

Club Nourish at Daybreak
Est. Feb. 2022
Do you need group support and accountability in setting and keeping your goals with exercise, nutrition, and/or lifestyle? Would you like to learn more about a variety of healthy living topics? “Club Nourish at Daybreak” will meet once a month to give you support in these efforts! At each meeting, we will review the previous month’s goals, make goals for the next month, and have a class workshop given by experts in different wellness areas. Topics will include but are not limited to: exercise, yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, stress management, and nutrition.
→ For details, contact Ada Chantelle Brooks at 623-332-0400, You can also visit their Facebook Page

Daybreak Actors and Filmmakers Club
Est. Sept 2023
Daybreak Actors and Filmmakers is a club for current, retired and aspiring actors and filmmakers. We will meet regularly to network, pitch ideas, workshop, and meet new friends!
The club will meet at residents' homes or, when available, at various Daybreak resident amenity locations.
→For more information, contact Chelsea Kowalk at

DaybreakABLE! Club
Est. Jan. 2022
DaybreakABLE! This inclusive club is for all residents with special needs, their families, and friends. The goal is to HAVE FUN & MAKE FRIENDS while creating a culture of acceptance and success!
→ For details, contact Laura Lutz at 513-708-8535, You can also visit their Facebook Page.

Cub Scout Pack 7 of Daybreak Club
Est. Oct. 2020
Meets weekly on Thursdays, 5:30-6:30, at the Daybreak Community Center
Cub Scout Pack 7 is the place to be for BOYS and GIRLS from kindergarten through 5th grade who love all kinds of fun activities, such as pinewood cars, day camps, crafts, skits, field trips, and stuff!
→ For details, contact Tara Thomas at (916) 932-6543 or email her at

DAYBAKE Baking Club
Est. Nov. 2021
DAYBAKE is a community baking club in the Salt Lake Valley neighborhood, Daybreak. They strive to build community through baking. They’re currently interacting online and on their Facebook page but hope to meet soon in person.
→ For details, contact Hayley Heaton at 801-633-9419 or You can also visit their Facebook Page and their website

Daybreak Beer Club

Est. April 2017
Meets once per month
A Daybreak club that brings together those who have an appreciation for beer.
→ For details, contact Lisa Radke at 801-244-4441 or or visit their Facebook Page.

Daybreak Block Masters Club
Est. August 2023
Ages 6-18. Come and join the Daybreak Block Masters Club and play, create, and learn all things Minecraft, while building some great memories together! Participate in building contests, join intense survival games, tinker with Redstone, or even learn some coding.
For details, contact Patrick Henry at

Daybreak Community Garden Club
Est. March 2016
Meets the last Thursday of each month at the DCC at 7 pm.
For details, contact Shelley Brooks or Leisa Switzer at or visit their Facebook page.

Daybreak Dance Club

Est. Oct. 2018
Meets every 1st Tuesday at 8:30 pm in the DCC.
→For details, visit their Facebook page.

Daybreak Disc Golf
Est July 2019
Daybreak Disc Golf is about connecting with other players, spreading the good word of disc golf, and helping to take care of the disc golf course in Bingham Creek Regional Park. Whether you are a veteran or new to the sport, please feel free to come toss some plastic with us.
→ For details, contact Dan Langford 801-683-0213 or follow the Facebook Page

Daybreak for Diversity & Inclusion Club
Est. Oct. 2020
We celebrate our differences, amplify voices, practice kindness + allyship, and strive to help make daybreak a more accepting place for all. For meeting times refer to Daybreak Diversity & Inclusion Facebook page. This club encourages and facilitates further diversity and inclusion in Daybreak through a variety of ways, including events, fundraisers, educational initiatives, etc. - and by promoting an open, respectful, and POSITIVE dialogue around the topics of diversity and inclusivity. A group where differences are celebrated. Open to ALL residents, families, adults, kiddos, and allies who believe that differences in our community should be celebrated, voices matter, and equality is for everyone.
→ For more information, visit their website at or contact via email

Daybreak Empty Nesters

Est. Jan. 2020
Monthly meeting at Garden Park Clubhouse.
Will meet for fellowship, activities, entertainment, service, and social life.
→For details, contact Sharon Cassidy at 435-730-6761 or email her at

Daybreak Global Families Club
Est. : March 24
If you are a French speaker or aspire to learn the language, this is the place for you! The Daybreak French Club is a great way to expose yourself to the French language, where you can interact with fellow French speakers to improve your conversational skills in the language. Activities include short story readings + evaluations on what we understood, practice conversations with partners or amongst the group, describing photos in french, and more! People of any level in their French skills are welcome, the best way to start is to immerse yourself in the language as much as possible. I hope to see you there! 
Si vous êtes francophone ou simplement quelqu'un qui veut apprendre la langue, ce club est pour toi!  Le Club Française de Daybreak est une forme spectaculaire pour s’exposer à la langue Française, ou tu peux interagir avec d' autres francophones pour améliorer tes compétences en français. Les activités seront des lectures courtes + évaluations sur que nous avons compris, des conversations pratiques avec une partenaire ou parmi le groupe, nous allons décrire des photos en français, et beaucoup plus! Les gens de n’importe quelle niveau sont bienvenus, la meilleure façon de commencer est de s' immerger dans la langue le plus que tu peux. J'espère te voir bientôt!
→For details, contact Sofia Botero, 801-635-5951

Daybreak Global Families Club
Est. Oct. 2016
The purpose of this group is to create global awareness and connect Daybreak residents who were born, or live, work or travel abroad.
We only have two requirements: 1) Your family must have at least one individual who speaks another language besides English and 2) Have lots of FUN!
→For details, visit their Facebook page or contact Sil at

Daybreak Heart-Attacks club
Est April 2022
We will Heart-attack homes of people in the community, heart attacks are about supporting people when the need it most. Loss, bullying or just recognition of an outstanding citizen. This is completely inclusive of ALL.
→For details, visit their Facebook page or contact Melissa Ross at 773-575-8045 or

Daybreak Lip Rippers Club 

Est. May 2015
Daybreak Lip Rippers Club is a fly fishing club to connect Daybreak residents who love fly fishing or want to learn more about it.
→ For details, contact Roger Kirkman at 801-560-4671 or, or visit their Facebook page.

Daybreak Motor Club
Est. May 2021
The Daybreak Motor Club (DMC) is a club for car enthusiasts. This club isn't limited to just classic cars, tuners, scrapers, supercars, and so on. No golf carts or side-by-sides, just cars. 
→ For details, contact Kroger Menzer at 801-918-8004 or 

Daybreak Mountain Bike Club
Est. March 2022
Daybreak Mountain Bike Club is for anyone who enjoys being outside on a bike and getting dirty. The club is open to everyone of all ages, skill levels, and riding styles. Whether you prefer the pump track, XC, single track, downhill, or are just looking to spend more time on two wheels, come join us!
→ For details, contact Bowen Humphreys at 801-201-1815 or

Daybreak Plant-Based Club
Est. Feb. 2020
Club will meet monthly - meet up time is TBD.
Whether you're a pro and eating 100% Whole Foods Plant-Based or whether you're just wanting to add a few meals a week of more healthy, compassionate, and conscientious food to your diet, this is the place for you! Let's share education, inspiration, recipes, and support in making healthier choices. We hope to have a monthly potluck with alternating activities such a film screening and discussions, cooking demos, speakers, and more.
→ For details, contact Raquel Lubbers at 801-505-8681 or 
→ Feel free to join their Facebook Page.

Daybreak Scouts BSA Troop 7 for Boys Club
Est. Oct. 2020
Meets weekly on Thursdays, 7:00-8:30 at 11037 S Hampton Way.
The purpose of the club is for boys 11-17 who love all kinds of outdoor activities, such as camping and hiking, who want to learn first aid, camp cooking, knot tying, and leadership skills. Do you want to earn merit badges, rank advancements, and activity patches? Do you want the chance to serve your community and become a better citizen?
→ For details, contact Tara Thomas at (916) 932-6543 or email her at

Daybreak Scouts BSA Troop 7 for Girls Club
Est. Oct. 2020
The purpose of the club is for GIRLS 11-17 who love all kinds of outdoor activities, such as camping and hiking, who want to learn first aid, camp cooking, knot tying, and leadership skills. Do you want to earn merit badges, rank advancements, and activity patches? Have you always wanted to be an Eagle Scout like your brother or dad or granddad? Now is your chance! Do you want the opportunity to serve your community and become a better citizen?

The club is currently seeking interested girls, plus at least three adult leaders to serve as Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters, at least one of whom needs to be female.

Daybreak Sewing & Quilting Club
Est. March 2018
Meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month at the DCC 6-8 pm.
A sewing and quilting club designed to help one another learn new sewing and quilting skills. All skill levels are welcome to attend.
→ For details, contact Lorene Thompson at 801-556-1404, or visit the Daybreak Sewing and Quilting Facebook page

Daybreak Singers Company
Est. Sept. 2019
Singers Company is a non-competitive performing group for elementary-age girls. The goal is to provide a fun environment to inspire young girls with confidence through music and dance.
→For details contact Janelle Kendrick at 801-815-0200,, or visit

Daybreak Small Business Study Hall Club
Est. April 2022
Daybreak is full of talented small business owners! While we are killing it with our products and services  many of us struggle to find the time to get our administrative and book keeping tasks. This club puts a time on the colander each month to get together and address the shoebox of respites we need to enter.
→For details contact, Maggie Bowler at (801)441-8319 or

SUP Daybreak - Stand Up Paddle Board Club
Est. July 2012
The SUP Daybreak Club is a family friendly social stand-up paddleboard club for residents of Daybreak.  We meet up for sunrise, sunset, food truck, yoga, and random paddles throughout the week with monthly day trips to mountain lakes. We use Facebook to communicate about our paddles/events and anyone is free to suggest a paddle with a few people or a group.  Always constant communications with details can be found on our Facebook Group page so please come, enjoy, and introduce yourself – see you on the water. Activities can be found in the discussion feed and events are listed under the ‘Event’ Tab on the SUP Daybreak Club Facebook Page.
For details, contact Lee Weech at

Daybreak’s Super Smash Bros Club
Est. November 2022
Come test your battle skills at the Daybreak Super Smash Bros Club! Bring your own controller and get ready to make new friends, learn new strategies, and compete in friendly tournaments!
For details, contact Mandi Barrus at (801) 680-5053 or

Daybreak Tabletop Gamers

Est. 2015
Meet together to play various types of tabletop games including board games, card games, etc.
This club brings Daybreak residents together to play a variety of board games and card games every month. Come to play your favorite games as well as learn, share, compete, bond, and above all, have fun with fellow gaming enthusiasts from our community!
→Additional information is available on the Facebook page

Daybreak Tennis Club Weekly
Est. August 2021
Meets Saturday Mornings at 8:30 am.
Have fun with other Daybreak tennis players. No serious play. Any level any age is welcome. We meet at Church Park Sunday mornings at 8:30 am. We also have a few extra rackets. 
→ Please RSVP to Jacqui Coleman by emailing or texting her at 941-661-5071 if you can play.

Daybreak Wine Club
Est. 2004
Meets the 3rd Saturday of each month.
→ For details, contact Erin Mead or Lisa Radke through their Facebook Page.

Daybreak Whiskey Club
Est. Feb 2023
Daybreak Whiskey Club is a group of whiskey enthusiasts who enjoy learning, tasting, and sharing knowledge about whiskey. They explore topics such as what makes a good whiskey, the differences between whisky, bourbon, scotch, single malts, cognac, brandy, whiskey cocktails, and much more! Come join us to learn, taste, share, and meet other whiskey enthusiasts.
→ For details, contact Lisa Radke at Feel free to visit their Facebook Page

Daybreak Yacht Club

Est. Oct. 2019
The Daybreak Yacht Club is intended for residents who are interested in model sailboats and getting to know their neighbors who share the same interest.  
→ For details, contact Joe Larkin at 801-865-7946 or

Garden Park Dames of Daybreak 55+
Est. Feb. 2021
This club is intended for people 55+ in the community. The club will meet at the Garden Park Club House once a month.
The meeting dates are dependent on the Garden Club House openings.
→ For details, contact Cheryl Linn at

South Jordan Run Club - Daybreak Chapter
Est. Jan 2021
Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings.
Whether you're walking and want to get running or you run ultramarathons, this club is a great way to meet others who are committed to staying healthy through running.
→For details visit their Facebook Group.

Symphony Musicians in Daybreak
Est. Aug 2023

Meets one Thursday a month at the DCC.
Did you play a symphonic instrument in High School or College and are looking for a group to play with again? We are gathering musicians who like to play a wide variety of music written for full orchestras to join us so we can share great music with the community. 
→For details, contact Michelle Willis at

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