Concert Tips

Please take a moment to review these tips for creating a fun summer concert experience for everyone: 
  • Setting up/ saving spots: To maintain the grass at the SoDa Row Concert Venue, blankets and chairs are not allowed before 7:00pm. Chairs and blankets placed before 7:00pm will be removed.
  • Residents and Guests: Please keep in mind that concerts are for Daybreak residents and their guests. We reserved the right to ask for Daybreak residency and reserve the right to remove anyone from the venue at any time. 
  • Attend Children: Please do not let children wander unattended, especially behind or on the stage area. Help us keep the stage clear!
  • Shade: Please take down any tents or umbrellas before the performance starts.
  • Loud Talkers: If you prefer to be a little louder while socializing during the performance, please sit in the rear of the concert area.
  • Chairs: Keep a lookout for signs and painted lines that designate high and low-back chair areas. This way everyone can have a great view.  
  • Pets: Although socialized pets are permitted, please be sure your animals are not a nuisance to others and that they remain on-leash at all times.
  • Dancing: We constructed a large dance floor in front of the stage, and encourage folks to use it! If the dancers obstruct your view, we suggest sitting a little farther back.
  • Rough and Rowdy: Concerts are not the time or place for wrestling, gymnastics, tickle fights or any games or activities that might disturb your neighbors.
  • Foul Ball: Please leave frisbees, footballs, soccer balls and volleyballs at home.
  • No Parking: We encourage our residents and guests to take bikes and strollers to the shows. Bikes and all wheels need to be parked in the bike racks rather than on the grass.
  • Vibe: Every show is different, so be sure to watch for YouTube links to see if the group sparks your interest.
  • Most Importantly: Have fun and enjoy the music!

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