SoDa Row Concert Venue Updates

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You may have noticed the crews on SoDa Row kicking up some dust. When the dust settles, things will be better and more enjoyable than ever! Improvement crews have been working hard to expand the dance floor, install an ADA-accessible walkway, install water fountains, and implement more environmentally-friendly systems. These improvements will improve access and reduce both plastic and water waste.

One of the most exciting improvements to the space will be an increase in the place for grooving and the shaking, the dance area.

1F1A3548“Residents of Daybreak love to dance, and the dance area was expanded,” said LiveDAYBREAK Director Dan Rodgerson. “The old setup could fit about 75 ‘dancing Daybreakers’ and friends. Now, the new dance space will help accommodate even more residents as Daybreak Continues to grow.”

Also, the infield area has been filled with crushed gravel to allow for a greater range of activities while minimizing the downtime that would be needed for maintenance and landscaping. The cables that connect the sound booth to the stage were buried to avoid tripping hazards as well.

“This gravel will also be able to accommodate our monthly car shows. For the patrons who prefer sitting in the front, we encourage them to bring folding chairs rather than blankets. This will also dramatically cut down on the water use on SoDa Row,” Rodgerson explained.

Thirsty event participants will also have increased access thanks to the installation of new water fountains, which will also reduce the need for plastic water bottles available at concerts and car shows.

“These will cut down on plastic waste of over 35,000 bottles of water which the health department requires,” said Dan Rodgerson.


A curved sidewalk has been installed between the infield and outfield. This will allow better access for those in wheelchairs and strollers to enjoy events on SoDa Row. The soil in the outfield has been upgraded and covered with a special high-traffic athletic field seed mix. The extra soil that was hauled in to create the new outfield has also now created berms to allow for more seating.

1F1A3537Rodgerson notes that the long-term plan is to relocate the concert venue adjacent to the new Library building but in the meantime, these changes will vastly improve the experience of events on SoDa Row. The Concert Venue is now safer, more eco-friendly, and more accessible to everyone.

We can’t wait to see you there. So let’s get groovin’ this summer!









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