The Cheerful Project

We are launching the LiveDAYBREAK Cheerful Project. A project that is intended to cheer up those in the Sagewood Retirement home in Daybreak. We are asking residents to handwrite or draw a cheerful message, quote, poem, joke, etc. that we will then give to the Sagewood residents. They are to drop them off at the Glass House in the Community Maps container near the front doors. The address for the Glass House is 4563 Kestrel Ridge Rd, South Jordan, UT 84095.

  • Write/Draw something by hand. Make your card the way you would if you were receiving it.
  • Refrain from including any religious references as we don’t know the religious affiliation/non-affiliation of the resident who might get your letter/card)
  • Embrace your creativity! Whether it is telling them about yourself, a poem, joke, riddle, drawing or words of encouragement.
  • Be kind. Be thoughtful. Be cheerful.
  • Letters do not need to be addressed. Write your letter assuming you will not receive a response
  • Drop off letters to the Glass House into the community maps box located near the front entrance

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