R.A.D Award: Danielle Johnson

Danielle Johnson is the Resident Appreciation in Daybreak (R.A.D.) Award recipient for August 2020. 

 One neighbor shared, "Danielle is an outstanding person. She began doing "heart attacks," which gives small gifts and hearts with encouraging messages on them for children who may be struggling emotionally with a lack of social interactions. She has done this for numerous children, and I could not be more thankful for someone who cares so deeply for our community. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of the residents, Danielle! You are doing amazing things in the community!"

 Danielle is from San Antonio, Texas. Living in Daybreak, she loves the sense of belonging she feels. Seeing the pride flags throughout the neighborhoods, the friendly neighbors always enjoying each other's company, and hearing the birds chirping every morning are part of what drew her to this community. She even loves the entitled ducks that think they own the place.

 Danielle enjoys T.V. and movies, organizing things, interior decorating, gourmet foods, coffee, coke, animals, and anything pink, mint, or sparkly. She also enjoys quoting movies and T.V. lines frequently in everyday life. Danielle is married, and she and her husband have two kids, a 21-year-old daughter and a 12-year-old son. Their family is passionate about activism, art, and rescuing large bully breed dogs.

 When Danielle moved to Daybreak with her family last year, she wanted to immerse herself in the community. Danielle has loved the opportunity to do Heart Attacks and Health Care Hero Honors. She says this has been an incredibly difficult year, and she started both of these endeavors on a whim. She wanted to make a few people feel loved, and then it took off. She, with the contribution of over 300 people, have now Heart Attacked 100 people and honored 50 Health Care Heroes. Her main hope is that more people will get interested/involved in doing Heart Attacks and Health Care Hero Honors. 

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