4th Annual LiveDAYBREAK Soap box Derby 

2024 Event Information
May 4, 2024
12 - 3 PM
Location: Daybreak, TBD

Join LiveDAYBREAK for our 4th Annual Soap Box Derby on May 4th from 12 - 3 PM! In addition to the main race, we'll have a mini soap box track, food trucks, and lots more racing fun! We're calling out all drivers and their Soap Box cars looking to race head-to-head in Stock car divisions and a timed trial in Freestyle divisions. NOW is the time to get your cars ready for the big day. The Freestyle race won't be your standard straight course, so make your car stable, creative, and fast!

Inspection Day is April 29th, 5-7 PM on SoDa Row. Racers and their cars must be present on the inspection day to pass the LiveDAYBREAK safety guidelines. This is mandatory to ensure that brakes, steering, weight, and driving pass the test.

Race times/placement is determined by car, not racer. If a car has multiple racers, they will compete as one team. They will register their car once and then register additional racers as needed through the add-ons. Stock cars will compete in a bracket, and Freestyle will be a time trial. Freestyle cars will have 1-3 chances to race, depending on the number of cars entered.

This event is free to attend. 
Racers need to fill out all registration forms below, including paying an entry fee.

Entry Fee Structure for Racers:

Regular Pricing Due Date: 04/05/24
Late Pricing: 04/06/24 - 04/19/24
Regular Pricing: $25.00
Late Pricing: $35.00
Additional Racer: $15.00
Late additional racer: $20.00


 To qualify to race, Racers must submit each form below. 

Pay Entry Fee

Race registration

Liability Release

photo release


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Q: What is a Soapbox Derby?
  • The soap box derby is a motorless car race where cars are only accelerated with the help of gravity.
Q: Who can compete in the LiveDAYBREAK Soap Box Derby?
  • This event is for residents and non-residents of Daybreak.
Q: What are the divisions of the Soapbox Derby?
  • Stock Division & Freestyle Division
    • Stock Division: Pre-built kits.
    • Freestyle Division: Put your creativity to the test by designing and creating your own derby car from scratch. Freestyle division cars can use any wheel type (other than the stock wheels) as long as they adhere to the vehicle inspection.
Q: What are the age requirements to race?
  • Drivers must be 8 years or older for stock cars and 14+ for freestyle cars.
  • Adults can race in either division if they meet the weight requirements. 
Q: What are the racing requirements?
Q: Is this event part of the National Soapbox League?
  • No, this event is not a national qualifying event for the Soapbox Derby League.
Q: Can more than one racer race in the same car?
  • Yes, multiple racers can register as add-on racers through our registration forms above.
  • Weights will be set to the heaviest racer and cannot be changed after the final inspection.

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