Daybreak Soap Box Derby Announcement

DAYBREAK SOAP BOX DERBY landscapeLiveDAYBREAK is excited to announce it's first Daybreak Soap Box Derby. The Derby will be held on April 24th, starting at 10 am until 3 pm. We have provided a few talking points below, but if you have any additional questions, please contact Henri Johnson at

What is a Soap Box Derby?
A Soap Box Derby is a race featuring gravity-powered cars steered by participants. Participants usually make their cars from Soap Box Derby kits or make them.

Who can compete in the Daybreak Derby?

  • This event is for residents and non-residents of Daybreak.
  • Youth between the ages of 10-18. Freestyle Division is 12 and up.
  • A maximum of 25 racers per division on race day.
  • There are primarily two divisions, Stock and Freestyle.  The difference between the divisions is the style of wheels and the types of cars allowed.  Typically the Stock divisions use cars purchased from the Soap Box Derby of America website, and the freestyle division cars are home-built or designed.
  • It will be $20 to enter the race. This payment will be made on your RecDesk account. If you do not have an account or you're a non-resident, you may pay via square by inquiring through email:
  • For the stock division, you may purchase car kits are available on the Soap Box Derby website for purchase "wheels are excluded"
  • All cars must have braking, steering, and proper wheels. The freestyle division can use any wheel type as long as they adhere to the vehicle specifications rules.
  • For the Freestyle Division, the "home-built" cars are encouraged to be creative and unique.
  • There will be a prize for the most creative cars and race winners.
Division Age Group Weight
Stock 10-15 240 lbs. with driver
Freestyle 12 and up 275 lbs. with driver

Vehicle Specifications Minimum Maximum
Track width (outside of tires)* 24 inches 40 inches
Vehicle Height 3-inch clearance 60 inches
Seating surface height 3-inch ground clearance 96 inches
Wheelbase 48 inches 72 inches

What are the Prizes?

  • 1st place in each division will win a $300 visa gift card and a trophy. Plus bragging rights for the year.
  • 2nd place will win a $150 visa gift card.
  • The Stock and Freestyle Division cars can win a $50 gift card for the best wrap/design.
  • In the freestyle division, there will be a $50 gift card for the most creative design.

When is the Daybreak Derby?

  • Derby Day is April 24th, with races going from  10 am until 3 pm.

Where is the Daybreak Derby?

  • Kitty Hawk by Highland Park or Lake Ave by Art Ave is still being decided.

How does someone sign up to participate?

  • Early registration can be done on starting December 15th. If the participant is not a resident, they can pay via square. Please email for the link.
  • Registration is $20 per racer.
  • The Stock Division cars are available to purchase on the Soap Box Derby website:, and local businesses can purchase cars from LiveDAYBREAK for a 25% discount.
  • For the Freestyle Division, participants can also build their own car at their own cost to race in our freestyle division.

LiveDAYBREAK has a few assembled cars ready to race.  (Mostly)  You would just need to apply your logo, and you will be ready to participate. LiveDAYBREAK has a few discounted cars available for purchase for local businesses on an FCFS basis.

Please note that the vehicle inspection and Soap Box Car Show will be Friday, April 23rd, on SoDa Row starting at 6 pm.

This is a family-friendly event. No politics, no religion, no offensive language, etc., will be allowed.

For additional information on availability and prices, contact Dan or Henri.
- Daniel Rodgerson
- Henri Johnson at

This page will be updated frequently. 
Last Updated 1/12/2021

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