3rd Annual LiveDAYBREAK Soap box Derby 

2023 Event Information

We’re goin' to the race, we’re gonna win first place! READY SET GO!

Join LiveDAYBREAK for our 3rd Annual Soap Box Derby. Calling all drivers looking to race in Stock car divisions and Freestyle divisions. NOW is the time to get your cars ready for the big day.

Saturday, May 6th, 2023. @ 3PM
Highland Park: 11288 Kitty Hawk Rd. South Jordan, UT. 
Join LiveDAYBREAK for a fun day full of racing, food trucks and activities

How to Register?
All forms need to be completed by April 22, 2023
Each racer must register and pay the entrance fee using the Eventbrite link below.

Important Road Closure Notice

On May 6th, 11288 Kitty Hawk Rd, South Jordan, UT 84009 will be closed from 8:00 am-4:00 pm for the Soap Box Derby. Contact Kellie Jensen at (801-793-2763) if you have any questions.

Cars For Sale

Dragon Car (Stock) - $450
Assembled, wrapped, and in decent shape. This car is race-ready but needs minor tweaks.
dragon boat
Green Car (Military Style) (Stock) - $400
Assembled, wrapped, and in decent shape. This car is race-ready and won a few races in our inaugural race in 2021. Has a little damage on the nose.
Harry Potter Loaner (Freestyle)
We are offering a Harry Potter themed car for loan, but it will need to be prepared for racing. You will be responsible for both preparing the car and transporting it to and from the event. Please note that you will also be responsible for any damages that occur to the car.
Harry Potter

All above pricing is based on being a Daybreak Resident.


Q: What is a Soapbox Derby?
  • The soap box derby is a motorless car race where cars are only accelerated with the help of gravity.
Q: Who can compete in the LiveDAYBREAK Soap Box Derby?
  • This event is for residents and non-residents of Daybreak.
Q: What are the divisions of the Soapbox Derby?
  • Stock Division & Freestyle Division
    • Stock Division: Pre-built kits.
    • Freestyle Division: Put your creativity to the test by designing and creating your own derby car from scratch. Freestyle division cars can use any wheel type (other than the stock wheels) as long as they adhere to the vehicle inspection.
Q: What are the age requirements to race?
  • Drivers must be a minimum age of 8 years old. There will be two age categories in our Stock races. 8-13 & 14+. The age for Freestyle is 14+.
Q: What are the racing requirements?
Q: When are the required vehicle inspections?
  • Monday, May 1, 2023, 5-7 PM- SoDaRow.
    • All participating cars must attend and pass a vehicle inspection in order to race. All cars must have proper braking, steering, and wheels.
    • Participants will be able to try out their car on a short path to ensure it is working properly.
    • Each racer must sign & submit an event waiver by vehicle inspection day.
  • Saturday, May 6th, 9:30 - 11 AM- Day-of Inspection: Located at the event site: (11288 Kitty Hawk Rd, South Jordan, UT. 84009).
    • All participating cars must pass the final day of vehicle inspection in order to race.
    • Racers who arrive after 11am will not be allowed to race.
Q: Is this event part of the national Soapbox League?
  • No, this event is not a national qualifying event for the Soapbox Derby League.
Q: Can more than one racer race in the same car?
  • Yes, multiple racers can register as add-on racers through our registration forms above.
  • For all event questions, contact Kellie Jensen at kjensen@livedaybreak.com
Q: When is the last day to register?
  • April 22, 2023


Stock Division Awards:
  • Race winners: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place
  • Best Design (wrap): 1st & 2nd Place
Freestyle Division Awards:
  • Race winners: 1st & 2nd Place
  • Most creative: 1st & 2nd Place


If you are interested in supporting local non-profits or schools but do not wish to build, repair, or race a car - we invite you to sponsor a car.

A car sponsorship includes:
  • Providing a car for a local non-profit or school group to race in the 2023 LiveDAYBREAK Soap Box Derby. 
  • Sponsors can apply logos or messages on the car.
  • Car “named” after the sponsor
  • Promotional mentions throughout the day of the event. 
  • Highlighted sponsored vehicle on the LiveDAYBREAK website and our social media site. 
  • If requested, the sponsor can have the car displayed on the site of the sponsor's lobby.

For all questions and inquiries related to sponsorships, contact Robert Stroud at rstroud@livedaybreak.com

For all event questions, contact Kellie Jensen at kjensen@livedaybreak.com


This highlight from our inaugural Soap Box Derby event in 2021!
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