Leprechaun Hunt

This event has passed, to look at what might be in store for next year, check out this recap!

2021 Information

The first Clue for the 2021 Leprechaun Hunt is: 

To get the hunt started, you must go to the place little Explorer’s go to pick up an at-home experiment.
***Hint: All clues are based on LiveDAYBREAK events and activities. If you get stuck check our website.
**Look for the Hats!

Leprechaun Hunt starts, March 15th, and goes until March 21st at 4:30 pm.

We have a brand new leprechaun who is wreaking havoc on the neighborhood! However, he's a bit forgetful and has misplaced a few of his hats. Your job is to not only find the hats but also figure out his name!

He has left a treat at the Daybreak Community Center, and you will need his full name in order to receive the "pot of gold." Each of the clues will be focused on previous LiveDaybreak events, so come prepared with your event knowledge!

We ask that attendees practice social distancing and adhere to Salt Lake County and face coverings as they participate.

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