Leprechaun Hunt

2023 Event Information

March 13th at Noon - March 20th at Noon
Daybreak Parks, Community Areas, and Daybreak Community Center (4544 W. Harvest Moon Dr.)

Attention Daybreak Residents!
Our sources have reported a rare spotting of a Daybreak Leprechaun on the run, leaving clues behind and we need your help to find his treasure!
Luckily, he's left a trail behind him as he's made his way through Daybreak, and we are told he is waiting for you at the end with a golden prize at the Daybreak Community Center once you find out his secret PASSWORD!

We are having our annual Leprechaun Hunt from March 13th through March 20th, starting and ending at Noon for all Daybreak residents. Clues will lead you through our various parks and spaces in the Daybreak community. Once you've collected all the password letters, you'll need to unscramble them to make a full password. Once you do, bring them to the front desk of the Daybreak Community Center to get your 'pot of gold'!

Keep an eye out for when we announce the first clue! 

First Clue

Your first clue is, “To the West of Mountain View Corridor, there is a park fit for Kings and Queens. This is where you will find your first clue.” This park is west of Mountain View Corridor tucked in between Allerton Drive and Outfitter Way.

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