Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival 
August 24, 8:30 -3:30PM
Oquirrh Lake 

10856 Oquirrh Lake Road, South Jordan, UT

Registration to race in 2024 is now open!

The maximum number of males in any boat is 60%.  For example, in a full (20) boat, the maximum number of males is 12. 

  • Boat Maximum (20 paddlers and 1 drummer)
  • Boat Minimum (14 Paddlers and 1 drummer)
  • 20 paddlers - max 12 male
  • 18 paddlers - max 11 male
  • 16 paddlers - max 10 male
  • 14 paddlers - max 9 male

If you don't have a full team or would like to participate individually, email us, and we will try to match you up with a team. We will contact you with more details once we have a match(es) for you.

Secure your spot by using one of the payment options below. Then sign up your team on Formstack here:

All Sales are Final. A Portion of the Proceeds go to Charity. We are raising money for the Asian Association of Utah this year!

Dragon Boat Race - Early Bird Pricing Deadline - July 1, 2024

  • Corporate Team - $900 (A team of Paddlers that work for the same company)
  • Community Team - $700 (A team of paddlers that live in the same community)
  • Student Team -$ 500 (A team of Paddlers from the same school)

For questions, contact Austin Perez at aperez@livedaybreak.com

To pay by check, mail a check to:
Daybreak Community Council
4563 W. Kestrel Ridge Road
South Jordan, Utah 84009

Vendor Registration
Register to be a vendor in this years Dragon Boat Race below

Join Utah's only Dragon Boat Festival and be part of a great cause!
The fourth annual LiveDAYBREAK Dragon Boat Festival returns to Daybreak's Oquirrh Lake on August 24, 2024. Watch the races with official 40' dragon boats, eat traditional Asian food, play games, and watch cultural performances!

This race is intended for NOVICE RACERS and is a SHORT COURSE. This is a 200M Course.

A portion of the race team fees will go to The Refugee & Immigrant Center - Asian Association of Utah charity (see below for additional details) and is open for families, neighbors, corporations, sports teams, etc., from the community who want to put together a team to race (16-20, people per team plus a drummer) – a great team-building activity!


Anyone physically able - 13 years of age and up - can participate. Residents and Non-residents are welcome. You must sign a waiver to participate.

Dragon boats, paddles, and life preservers will be provided. Each team will get one practice session with a professional the week of the event, either on 08/22 or 08/23, for one hour between 4 and 8 pm. These times will be finalized closer to the event.

Also provided will be a professional steersperson on each boat during the event to provide direction and ensure the safety of participants. Each team will race 3 times throughout the event. The first race will determine which bracket each team will be placed in for the remainder of the tournament.


More information will be released closer to the event. 

Activities for Kids: 10:30 am - 2:30 pm
Cultural Performances: 11:00 am - 1:30 pm

We are currently looking for interested performers. For those interested in performing at the event, please get in touch with us at aperez@livedaybreak.com

History of the Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival, a traditional Chinese holiday, has become an internationally celebrated event in many countries. Its origin is said to be from the Warring States period when the patriotic poet Qu Yuan (343-278 BC) drowned himself in the Miluo River on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month after seeing his country invaded and conquered by the State of Quin.

Dragon Boat Racing represents the local people who raced their boats to search for Qu Yuan’s body and dropped lumps of rice into the river so the fish would not feast on his body. This practice continues each year to commemorate Qu Yuan today on the day of his death. It is now said that the winning team of the races will have good luck and a happy life in the following year.

Asian Association of Utah Donation 2023

1F1A4224-2Last year, we fulfilled one of our most important pillars in #GivingBack. Through registration fees at the Daybreak Dragon Boat Festival this past August, we raised $6,000 for the Asian Association of Utah. AAU helps victims of human trafficking, refugees, and asylum seekers achieve outcomes of substantive improvement, self-sufficiency, and thriving. Their work is trauma-informed and linguistically sensitive, delivered by specialized staff who journey with each individual and family as they transition to life in Utah. This donation is earmarked for low-income individuals, particularly refugees, to facilitate access to behavioral services.

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