April 2021 V.A.C. Award: Dheeraj Reddy Jonnalagadda

LiveDAYBREAK is highlighting another one of our outstanding volunteers, Dheeraj Reddy Jonnalagadda! Dheeraj moved to Daybreak in August 2020, taking a position as an associate at Goldman Sachs.

Since moving to Daybreak he has become a staple within the Volunteer Activities Council, helping with Project Uplift, assisting staff members in preparation for the Daybreak’s upcoming Bollywood Festival, and his personal favorite, helping plan and execute the Easter Trail Hop.  In addition to volunteering with LiveDAYBREAK, Dheeraj donates platelets to help cancer patients with the American Red Cross and also fosters dogs. Dheeraj truly has a passion for service. He also loves music, traveling, exploring the outdoors, hiking and reading.

Thank you, Dheeraj for all you have done for LiveDAYBREAK and the surrounding community. We appreciate the countless hours of service you have given us during your short time in the Daybreak VAC!

To learn more about our Volunteer's Activities Council click here:  https://www.mydaybreak.com/get_involved/volunteer_activities_council/index.php

We also feature a Resident Appreciation in Daybreak Award and you can nominate someone here: https://www.mydaybreak.com/get_involved/rad_award.php

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