Resident Appreciation in Daybreak (R.A.D.) Award: Paul Steffensen

Paul SteffensenPaul Steffensen is the Resident Appreciation in Daybreak (R.A.D.) Award recipient for October 2021!

Paul was nominated by his neighbor for the following reason: 

"Paul and his wife Becky are the nicest and most amazing neighbors we have ever had! We moved to Daybreak in mid-August, and these two welcomed us to our "block" with gifts and smiles. My first conversation was about general info about Highland Park, where to go for this and that, and it has made life here so easy. He picks up our packages when we are not home, makes introductions to other neighbors and genuinely cares about the well-being of every single family around him."

In addition to cultivating a deeper connection with his neighbors and community, Paul has worked directly with the South Jordan Police Department to set up a neighborhood watch program for the Highland Park Area. Paul also loves to get on the Daybreak Resident page and reconnect owners with their lost pets, a feat he has accomplished several times.

Paul is a Utah native who grew up in Holladay, he moved to Daybreak with his wife Becky three years ago. Paul works in computer consulting and owns a purified water store in Riverton with his wife. He has three daughters, two granddaughters and several cats and a dog.

In Paul's spare time, he likes to watch movies, walk his dog throughout Daybreak, attend family gatherings and devour Japanese food. 

Your involvement with and in the community is much appreciated, Paul. Keep it up!

About the LiveDAYBREAK R.A.D. Award
Giving back is one of LiveDAYBREAK's pillars, and we are looking for a Daybreak resident who personifies this value by helping make our community better. We need your help to identify these types of residents, so we can spotlight and reward them with the LiveDAYBREAK Resident Appreciation in Daybreak (R.A.D.) Award. We will choose one nominee every other month for the award and highlight their good deeds on our website.

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