ZAP Grant in Daybreak

zapcolorlogovertThe Daybreak Arts Council has recently utilized the Salt Lake County ZAP Program to help increase the impact of public art right here in our community! ZAP is a grant-funding program that utilizes $.01 in sales tax of every $10 spent within the county and exists to enhance Salt Lake County resident and visitor experiences through art, cultural and recreational offerings.

Most recently we were awarded ZAP funding to put in 2 additional art bases along Art Ave during the 2021 season. This allowed us to increase the number of sculptures included in our Art Ave program from 9 to 11 pieces this year! The best thing about this grant is that it will allow us to continue to place new sculptures each year on those bases, as we rotate the art featured in the program each year.

Being able to utilize the ZAP Program funding not only helps us expand our public art goals here in Daybreak, with no extra financial impact to the residents, but it also keeps us connected to the broader Salt Lake County community in a valuable and creative way.


The arts council, which is made up of Daybreak-residents, is interested in using public art to help enhance access to diversity, culture, education, experience, and community engagement, and partnering with the county through the ZAP Program has expanded our opportunities to achieve these things right here in Daybreak. The arts council has a passion for public art and has come together with the shared belief that our neighborhood benefits from the installations we have brought to our community. We look forward to applying for more ZAP Program funding in the future in order to continue bringing meaningful and engaging public artwork to our neighborhood.

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