November V.A.C. Award: Shirley Lam Lim

LamFamily-110Our November V.A.C award goes to Shirley Lam Lim for the countless hours and resources she put into helping us plan our first-ever Dragon Boat Festival!

LiveDAYBREAK was looking for volunteers to help with the planning of the Dragon Boat Festival and Shirley was excited to be a part of it.

"We are so blessed to live in this community which loves different cultures and organizes different festivals and activities that promote culture recognition," Shirley said.

Shirley and her husband Jeremiah have lived in Daybreak for the past nine years with their four children Naomi, Nadia, Noelle and Nanelle. Shirley loved that her culture was being celebrated in the community and was eager to get involved.

"When I was looking at the dragon boats competing in our lake a few months ago for the first time in Utah, I was so touched that my culture is being celebrated here in MY community," Shirley said.  

Shirley's efforts were instrumental in the planning and success of the Dragon Boat Festival. She helped find groups for cultural performances, coordinated the kids' activities, and found models for the fashion showcase. The Dragon Boat Festival has since become one of her favorite events in Daybreak.

When Shirley isn't helping us plan spectacular events, she loves to cook and read cookbooks, run, do High Fitness and travel. 

Once again, we want to thank Shirley for all that she put into making the Dragon Boat Festival possible!

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