Resident Appreciation in Daybreak (R.A.D.) Award: Ann Lobos

Ann Headshot - croppedAnn Lobos is the Resident Appreciation in Daybreak (R.A.D.) Award recipient for December 2021!

Ann was nominated by her neighbor for the following reason: 

“Ann serves as the SJ Rotary Club president and wanted to provide ways for families, including her own five children, to get involved. She began offering a monthly family service night, holding these meetings at the Daybreak Fire Station, three months ago. We have been making fleece blankets and cute stuffed animals for three groups of people, including the Family Support Center. Ann has had so much interest, she has had to cap the groups to 150 people each month, and we turn many away. Because of this, she has begun offering weekly “prep” service nights at the library. Her vision of increasing service in the neighborhood is becoming a huge reality and dozens of families have been able to contribute to humanitarian aid.”

Ann grew up in West Valley, Utah and has been married for 23 years. She and her husband have 5 kids. Having lived in Daybreak for 15 years, Ann has enjoyed the parks and how close they are to home. She loves that her kids have easy access to them since it gets them out and about. 

Ann has a master’s degree in accounting and currently owns her own CPA firm. Not only is she the President of the South Jordan Rotary Club, but she is also the Treasurer of the South Jordan Chamber of Commerce Club as well. She also recently started a job as a literary assistant at her son’s school and is interested in finding ways to improve the reading curriculum. 

Outside of working and volunteering, Ann enjoys building Legos with her kids, reading, playing piano and Disneyland excursions. When it comes to entertainment, she recommends the show, “The Good Doctor,” and the book, “Sacred Success.” Something interesting about Ann is that during her last pregnancy, she wasn’t able to make it to the hospital on time while in labor so she ended up having her child born in her car. 

Ann lives by the principle of making the world a better place. Ann is certainly doing a great job of that. Thank you Ann for all your hard work! We all appreciate you!

About the LiveDAYBREAK R.A.D. Award
Giving back is one of LiveDAYBREAK's pillars, and we are looking for a Daybreak resident who personifies this value by helping make our community better. We need your help to identify these types of residents, so we can spotlight and reward them with the LiveDAYBREAK Resident Appreciation in Daybreak (R.A.D.) Award. We will choose one nominee every other month for the award and highlight their good deeds on our website.

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