Holiday Giving Recap

Daybreak Residents Donated Over 700 Project Elf Gifts Worth More Than $14,000 for The Christmas Box International.
Through the Holiday Giving Campaign, organized by LiveDAYBREAK, Daybreak residents came together to donate gifts to children in need.

DAYBREAK, Utah – Representatives from LiveDAYBREAK dropped off donations on behalf of Daybreak residents to The Christmas Box International, which provides shelter services to more than 10,000 kids and teens each year who have been abused, neglected, or faced homelessness, and 2,500 children in need of Christmas gifts during the holiday season. In addition to the gifts donated by Daybreak residents, LiveDAYBREAK matched the number of gifts given. 

“Christmas Box Houses cannot exist without the support of our community”, stated Celeste Edmunds, executive director of The Christmas Box International. She continued by saying, “Each year, The Christmas Box International processes more than $600,000 worth of in-kind (toys, clothing, hygiene kits, books, blankets, and stuffed animals) to three Christmas Box Houses in Moab, Salt Lake, and Ogden, as well as 13 resource rooms across the state of Utah. We are very grateful for the ongoing support and outpouring of love that the Daybreak community has shown to us!”

The donations from Daybreak residents exceeded those given by the community last year by 60%. This overwhelming increase of generosity is evidence of goodwill despite a challenging year. It is LiveDAYBREAK’s and Daybreak residents’ hope that the work of The Christmas Box International will get more attention as a result of their involvement.

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For more than 15 years, LiveDAYBREAK has woven a tapestry of connection, lifelong learning, arts & diversity, healthy living, and philanthropy into the Daybreak community, located in South Jordan, Utah. LiveDAYBREAK, a non-profit community council, sponsors the majority of activities in Daybreak. LiveDAYBREAK focuses on creating a culture where our residents live more fulfilling lives. Or, stated more simply, LiveDAYBREAK brings Daybreak to life. Learn more about LiveDAYBREAK at

About The Christmas Box International
The Christmas Box International partners with local, national, and international communities and organizations to prevent child abuse and improve the quality of life for children, teens and young adults who have been abused, neglected, trafficked, or are facing homelessness. Learn more about The Christmas Box House at

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