LiveDAYBREAK Offices

Glass House1  Glass House2

About the Building

4563 Kestrel Ridge Road
South Jordan, UT 84095

Five years ago, this building was converted from an information center for the Developer into the main base for LiveDAYBREAK. We have a lovely place to call home, and we love having residents come in! The building now serves not only as a workplace but as a place of gathering. It is our sincere hope that every resident feels welcome when they come, whether that be for an event or a visit. 

The Glass House is not available for rent.

Photography Notice

While we recognize that the building sits at a great vantage point and is a photogenic building, we ask that photographers do not hold photoshoots at the building. It is private property and, unfortunately, photoshoots are distracting and regularly interrupt board meetings, interviews, and regular work during business hours. Please respect the signage and reach out to LiveDAYBREAK to receive written permission before conducting a photoshoot on the property. 

Thank you for your respect and consideration. 

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