Daybreak has several committees with resident members. If you are interested in participating in one of the committees, please fill out an application below.

2022 Nominating Committee

Board Member: Natalie Gordon
Travis Baker
Jeff Carter
Mark Hanson
Kendra Hemmert
Robyn Puzey

*Appointed on August 31, 2022, during the Open Board Meeting*

Budget & Finance Committee

Committee Members

  • Natalie Gordon - Chair
  • Cindy Costa
  • Mike Czipka
  • Cameron Harris
  • Mark Sontag
  • Justin Berg
  • Zach Adams
  • Melanie Gonzalez (Alternate)
This committee reviews the financials, contracts, budgets and additional financial information and collectively provides recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Budget & Finance Committee Charter 

Budget & Finance Committee Application

Design Review Committee

Committee Members

  • Greg Boudrero - Chair
  • Paul Hirst
  • Caryn Musselman
  • Brent Eggli
  • Robyn Puzey
  • Cynthia Dahl
  • Katherine Smith
This committee reviews all residential, exterior landscape and architectural modifications for approval and consists of both Developer and Resident appointed members.

Master Association - Design Review Committee Charter 
Design Review Committee Application

 Note: Meetings are usually the first and third Wednesday of each month from 10 am - 12 pm. Please be sure your schedule is open Wednesday mornings from 9:30 am - 12:00 pm


Community Standards Committee

Committee Members

  • Chris Rongstad - Acting Chairman
  • Nadine You 
  • Tim Young
  • Mary Bruno
  • Cindy Costa
  • Rohit Malik
  • Paul Morrien
This committee is the hearing tribunal for the Board of Directors and consists of all resident members.

Community Standards Committee Charter 
Community Standards Committee Application 
Note: Meetings are usually the second Thursday of each month in the evening but can vary. Please be sure your schedule is open Thursday evenings after 4 pm.

Neighborhood (Common Area) Advisory Committee

Committee Members

  • Nadine You - Chair
  • Tim Young
  • David Riddle
  • Dheeraj Jonnalagadda
  • Juliana Hacken
This committee meets as needed to discuss items as assigned by the Board related to Master Association owned/managed common areas including association amenities.

Common Area Advisory Committee Charter

Common Area Advisory Committee Application

Lake Village Waterside Club Advisory Committee

This Committee is established to interface with the Board of Directors and the Association Management Team for the purpose of providing organized volunteer efforts on behalf of the Association for these specific purposes:

  1. Evaluate ongoing needs of the Lake Village Waterside Club

  2. Determine the appropriate avenue(s) to obtain broader community input among Lake Village residents

  3. Provide recommendation to the Board regarding uses and amenities along with any financial impact 


 Waterside Club Committee Charter 

Lake Village Waterside Committee Application 
Please take a few moments to tell the Board of Directors about your skills, experience and interest in serving on this committee. 




Have you ever served on an Association Board or Committee?  Yes     No 
If yes, in what capacity and term: 

List professional skills / experiences that are relevant to committee interests:

Briefly describe why you are interested in serving on a Committee:


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