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About Daybreak Direct
Daybreak Direct was created to connect residents with the Daybreak Community Association and help us efficiently address requests and issues in the community. The app is available online, in the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. Residents can easily and directly submit requests to Daybreak Community Association staff via this webpage or in the mobile app. Residents can follow the status of their requests and other requests in their area. The app also provides access to helpful links to our website, payment portal and contact information. Please wait while the web-version loads.


Download the Mobile App
Visit the app store on your mobile device and search ‘Daybreak Direct’. Download the app to your device. 
Apple Store
Google Play Store

How to Create an Account
1. Open the Daybreak Direct app
2. Click the ‘Profile’ tab in your bottom right corner
3. Click ‘Register’
4. Enter your email, first name, last name, phone number and password
5. Click ‘Create Account’
6. Your account has been created, and you are ready to start submitting requests

How to Submit a Request

1. Open the ‘Daybreak Direct’ app on your mobile phone
2. To create a request, click the orange + button at the bottom of the screen
3. Upload or take a photo of the issue (optional)
    Tip: Please use a photo that isn’t too zoomed in and provides context to where the issue is located
4. Set the map to where the issue is located by searching the address
    Tip: If your location services are enabled, your location may populate automatically
5. Once you’ve chosen the correct location, click ‘next’
6. Select the category that best applies
    Tips: If the issue is in a general area around the community or common space, categorize the issue under the Daybreak
    Community Association section. For example, if you notice a pet waste station is full at a community park, you would select
    Daybreak Community Association, Pet Waste Stations. If the issue is within a Benefited Service Area or Sub-Association, categorize
    the issue under the specific area. For example, if there is a problem with your sprinklers and you live in Garden Park Village, you
    would select Garden Park Village, Irrigation
7. Provide more details in the description (optional)
8. Select ‘Submit’
9. You will receive an email confirmation that your request has been received
10. You will receive email updates regarding the status of your request

Duplicate Requests
If a similar request already exists, an orange banner will appear at the top of your screen while you are working on the request. Check to see if it’s the same request or for something else. If it is different from your request, click next to proceed. If it is the same, please do not submit a duplicate request. Instead, please subscribe to the existing request by clicking on the heart icon. You will now receive status updates for the existing request.

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