Oquirrh Lake 

  • Fishing - Oquirrh Lake is privately owned by the Association; however fishing is currently open to the public.
  • Personal Watercraft - Residents must have a  permit to operate on the lake and captains must be 14 years or older. Life jackets are required. 
  • Swimming - Not allowed for humans and dogs, wading up to knees is allowed.  Those who choose to wade are encouraged to towel off after being in the water
  • Tents and Pop-Up Structures - Large shade structures, or umbrellas with any type of hard or metal frame are not permitted in Daybreak where they may cause harm or damage if carried by strong winds. Smaller pop up tents that lay lower to the ground are permitted.

Common Spaces and Parks 

  • Motorized vehicles - Including golf carts, scooters, motorcycles and others are not allowed on trails, in parks or in common spaces. 
  • Bikes -  Must remain on streets and trails; not on sidewalks. 
  • Tents and Pop-Up Structures - Large shade structures, or umbrellas with any type of hard or metal frame are not permitted in Daybreak where they may cause harm or damage if carried by strong winds. Smaller pop up tents that lay lower to the ground are permitted.


  • Parking - Cars cannot be parked on street for more that 24 hours.  Initial Rules, Section (2) part (a)
  • RVs and Trailers - Cannot be parked on street or in driveway for more than 24 hours at a time. 
  • Pods - Cannot be placed in driveway or on street for more than 24 hours. Please be courteous of neighbors and avoid blocking alleyways. Notify the Association if you need additional time.

Property and Backyards 

  • Snow on sidewalks - Sidewalks in front of single-family homes are the responsibility of the homeowner to keep clear in the winter. Sidewalk snow removal is the responsibility to the owner of the adjacent property per city ordinances. 
  • Yard Sales - Only allowed during the two community yard sale dates in the spring and fall.  
  • Flags - political, religious, or holiday symbols are allowed on flags, and flags must be on a bracket or other device mounted to the dwelling. 
  • Holiday decor - Non-permanent holiday lights and displays can be set up starting October 1 and illuminated November 15 through January 15.  All decor and non-permanent lights must be removed from the exterior of the home by April 1 of the following calendar year.
  • Bee Hives - Must have at least ¼ acre lot per South Jordan City ordinance to have bees. 
  • Chickens - Must have at least 10,000 sq ft or larger lot and maximum of 6 chickens per South Jordan City ordinance.
  • Park strips - Maintained by single-family homeowners. Trees, grass and shrubs are the responsibility of the homeowner. 
  • Leasing - Must live in Daybreak for 12 consecutive months before you can rent a property.  Leases must be 30 days or longer and properties must be rented in their entirety. Only one rental per resident is allowed.  
  • Second Home Purchase- Must own and live in Daybreak for a period of 12 consecutive months before purchasing a second property.
  • Trash cans - Can only be visible on trash day.  
  • Lawn Signs - Are not allowed in park strips, on windows or in common spaces. Cannot be more than 24"x24" or an advertisement. No more than one realtor sign or two political signs are permitted. 
  • Fireworks - Fireworks Not Permitted In Daybreak. As per the Daybreak Community Charter, the use and discharge of fireworks within Daybreak is prohibited. The fireworks restriction is not intended to hamper Daybreak residents and their guests in celebrating national and state holidays. The adopted fireworks use regulations are in place to protect our community and associated native open spaces. It is extremely important that we all do our part in keeping each other safe by following the no-firework policy.

Home Landscaping 

  • New resident backyards - New residents have 18 months to install yard landscaping from closing date. 
  • Mulch - Must be dark brown, shredded wood mulch.
  • Fence stain color - Only one color is allowed in Daybreak and four local vendors sell the stain at a discount.
  • Artificial turf/lawn - Not allowed in Daybreak. 
  • Fire Pits - Portable, temporary wood or gas-burning fire pits are allowed. Any permanent installation would require a DRC application. 
  • Seasonal outdoor furniture - DRC application not required, such as porch swings or patio furniture. 
All the information mentioned above can be found in the Resident Design Guidelines.

DRC application required for any exterior modification: 

  • Dog runs, permanent fire pits, flag poles, house paint color change, hot tub, fences, radon mitigation and more. 

See Design Guidelines and Design Review page for specific details. 


  • Drones - Are allowed under certain conditions. Drone Policy.
  • Flying toys - Planes and other flying toys are not allowed over homes. 
  • Pets - Must be on a leash at all times in common areas and parks. Only 3 pets per household are allowed and pets are limited to 2 per species. All breeds of dogs are allowed. Initial Rules, Section (2) part (b)
  • Home business - Residents must apply if they are operating a business out of their home. 
  • Quiet hours - 10pm to 7am, please call City of South Jordan for any complaints.  
  • Basketball hoops - Permanent basketball goals may only be installed on the garage of a unit not visible from the street. Portable basketball hoops must be place 30 feet or more from the curb. Initial Rules, Section (3) part (c)

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