As a part of the many amenities provided here in Daybreak, high-speed internet is included with the Master Association dues. A portion of resident quarterly assessments is contributed to internet in the amount of $33 a month. Internet is provided by CenturyLink. If you choose to go with a different provider you cannot opt-out of the $33 monthly fee included in dues.

New Daybreak Contract With CenturyLink as of January 1, 2021: 
The Board of Directors approved a new contract with CenturyLink. The new agreement includes: 
- Lowered price of $1.00 per unit per month. $34 to $33 per month per unit. See 2021 budget cost comparison
- Faster upload/download speeds. This increased from 100 Mbps to 200 Mbps. 
- 10 year agreement with provisions for both parties to review technology at the end of the 4th year.

A small portion of Daybreak was not built with the fiber optics for CenturyLink Internet (Founders Village). If you find that your property is in Founders Village, you are more than welcome to go with any provider you prefer.

New Homeowners
  • If there is an existing router or modem when you move into your new home, you do not need to call CenturyLink to set up service. Please check the modem or router for Wifi name and password to continue using service. Should you have any troubles call (855) 234-5733.
  • If there is not a modem or router in your home, please call (855) 234-5733.
Set Up New Service & Upgrade (855) 234-5733
  • This is for customers who need to set up service or schedule a new installation.
  • Identify yourself as a Daybreak Bulk HOA Customer
  • Founders Park Phase 1 or homes that are not part of the bulk internet account, please call (800) 244-1111 for the best prices in your area.
Billing Questions (855) 234-5733, option 2
  • Identify yourself as a Daybreak Fiber To The Home or GPON Customer
  • This includes all billing errors in need of resolution
Tech Support, Repair and Field Technician Visits (855) 234-5733, option 3
  • Tech support is open 24 hours
  • If you move into your home and do not have CenturyLink equipment or you are not receiving the support you need when calling the main line.

Helpful Tips

Internet Down? Not
  • Try resetting the modem, you can do this in two different ways:
    • Unplug the modem from power for 30 seconds, then plug it back into power and let it reboot for a couple of minutes.
    • On the back of the modem, there is a pinhole you can use a pen tip or a paperclip and hold down for 20 seconds. This will reset the modem to factory settings and reboot the modem.
  • Check that cords are properly plugged into the modem.
  • Make sure the modem is getting power. The light on the front should be illuminated
  • If these troubleshooting steps still do not work, call for a technician to visit.

Wireless Internet Working Slow?
  • Is your modem in the basement? If so, you can use the home-run wiring to plug into the modem and add another router upstairs.
  • Have you tried adding Wifi extenders in the home?
  • Is there anything that can be plugged directly into the modem cutting down the number of devices on Wireless?
  • If you still need assistance, please call our tech support and a technician may need to come assist, possibly replacing the modem if needed. 

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