Community Gardens

Daybreak residents can rent garden beds in the warmer months to grow produce, flowers, herbs and other plants. 

2020 Online Registration - Starting April 4 
Due to coronavirus social distancing efforts, registration will be done online and over the phone in 2020. Please follow these steps. 

  1. Please download and complete the fillable garden plot registration form.
  2. Email the completed PDF file to
  3. Review the below garden plot maps and have a few garden plot preferences in mind. 
  4. John will review the applications in order they are received in his inbox starting April 4 and call renters to confirm the individual garden plots they would like to reserve. 
  5. Renters need to drop off their payment at the office dropbox within a week to confirm registration. 
  6. Association staff will add marker stakes to individual garden plots. 


  • March 1 -  Garden plots available to residents of Daybreak who rented a plot the previous season.
  • April 4 - Garden plots available to all Daybreak residents on a first come, first served basis. 

Garden Plot Rental Details  

  • Plot fee is $0.55 per square foot (subject to change). Prices range between $23 - $150 per plot depending on the size. 
  • Check or money order is required for all garden plot payments. Cash and credit cards are not accepted.
  • Tenants of Daybreak are required to submit a $50.00 deposit for each plot reserved. 
  • LiveDaybreak will deliver fresh soil at the beginning of every season to each garden for renters. 
  • North Shore gardeners must visit the Daybreak Community Association office to obtain a faucet key. 
Garden Plot Clean out 
  • The growing season ends on Nov. 1. Current gardeners are responsible for cleaning everything out of their plots leaving nothing but dirt behind no later than Nov. 15. 
  • The Association will provide organic waste removal bags to each garden from Nov 6 - 15.
  • The trash bags are only for cleaning out garden plots, please do not use them for other waste.
  • If your plot is not cleaned out at the end of the season you will be charged a $50 fine per plot and will not be invited back to garden next year.

Select A Garden For Details

Church Garden
10258 Phoebe Lane
church garden plots view 1
Church Garden Mapchurch prices
Eastlake Garden
10692 Vermillion Drive
Eastlake Garden MapEastlkae prices
Founders Garden
11533 Kestrel Rise Road
founders garden plot
Founders Garden MapFounders prices

Garden Park Garden
4867 West Veeroma Way
Garden Park Garden Plots
Garden Park MapGP prices A and B

Hillside Garden
11603 Lake Run Road
Hillside Garden
Hillside MapHillside prices
North Shore Garden
4421 Vermillion Drive
North Shore Garden Plots
NorthShore Garden MapNorthsohre prices

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