Community Gardens

Daybreak residents can rent garden plots in the warmer months to grow produce, flowers, herbs and other plants. 

2024 Online Registration - Starting April 1  

To make renting a plot easier, registration and payment can now be done online through RecDesk. 

Reservation Steps: 

  1. Ensure you have an account set up on RecDesk. Instructions can be found on our amenities registration page
  2. Once you log into RecDesk, select 'programs'. 
  3. On the left-hand side under 'category filter' select 'garden plot'.
  4. Select your garden and plot number. 
  5. Follow the payment steps and fill out the necessary forms. 
  6. Stop by the front desk at the Daybreak Community Center to pick up your blue plot stake. 
Watch Step-By-Step Instructions >>

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The Association has created a community garden group called Daybreak Garden Plot Growers where you can share ideas and even ask questions to your fellow gardeners. We will post special promotions, offers and updates on the page to be sure everyone is up to date on garden happenings. Please help us create a community around garden plots and communicate with fellow gardeners.

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  • March 1 -  Garden plots available to residents of Daybreak who rented a plot the previous season. Note that previous renters can only reserve their plots again from last year. To reserve your plot, please email Changes or additional plot rentals can be done starting April 1. 
  • April 1 - Garden plots available to all Daybreak residents on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Community garden rules

Garden Plot Rental Details  

  • Plot fee is $0.55 per square foot (subject to change). Prices range between $23 - $150 per plot, depending on the size. 
  • All payments are made through RecDesk.
  • LiveDaybreak will deliver fresh soil at the beginning of every season to each garden for renters. 
  • North Shore gardeners must visit the Daybreak Community Association office to obtain a faucet key. 
Garden Plot Cleanout 
  • The growing season ends on Nov 1. Gardeners are responsible for cleaning everything out of their plots, leaving nothing but dirt behind no later than Nov 15. 
  • The Association will provide organic waste removal bags to each garden from Nov 6 - 15.
  • The trash bags are only for cleaning out garden plots, please do not use them for other waste.
  • If your plot is not cleaned out at the end of the season, you will be charged a $50 fine per plot and will not be invited back to the garden next year.

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10258 Phoebe Lane

0879 OPS Community Garden Plot Map Church
10692 Vermillion Drive
Eastlake Gardens updated pricing sheet
Eastlake Garden Map
11533 Kestrel Rise Road
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0879 OPS Community Garden Plot Map Founders
4867 West Veeroma Way
Garden Park Garden PlotsGardenParkA_B

Garden Park Map Updated
11603 Lake Run Road
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0879 OPS Community Garden Plot Map Hillside
4421 Vermillion Drive
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0879 OPS Community Garden Plot Map North Shore

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