Oquirrh Lake

Oquirrh Lake Amenities

Watercraft Checkout

Boat Rentals
Boats are available for checkout by residents at the Beach Club with an amenity card in one and a half hour increments. Boats must be captained at all times by a resident that is 14 years of age or older. Residents must be two years or older to ride in a boat. All boats must be returned by the scheduled daily close time. Please note that no boats will be checked out 30 minutes prior to closing. Boat checkouts are available on a first-come, first-serve basis and no guests are allowed at this time. 

The Beach Club
4690 W Daybreak Pkwy

2021 Regular Season: May 29 - August 25
Monday – Saturday: 10am - Dusk
Sunday: 10am – 5pm

2021 End of Season: August 26 - September 6
Monday – Friday 3:00 pm to Dusk
Saturdays: 10:00am – Dusk 
Sundays: 10:00am – 5:00pm

*Hours are subject to change due to inclement weather

Current Boats Available

  • 1-Person Kayaks
  • 2-Person Kayaks
  • 1-Person Paddleboard/Kayak Hybrid
  • Canoes
  • Stand up Paddle Boards 
  • Sail Boats - available after certification. See boat attendants for more information or to schedule a lesson.
Sailing Lessons
Enjoy sailing on beautiful, scenic Oquirrh Lake! Sign-up for a free sailing lesson to be able to pilot one of Daybreak's small sailboats in the marina area on the lake. Lessons during the 2021 sailing season are weeknights and Saturdays. When you sign up, you will be supplied with the written test, as well as the answers. Study the test, come out for your hands-on sailing lesson, then once you pass the practical and written portions of the test, you will be certified to sail one of Daybreak's sailing dinghies on Oquirrh Lake. 

  - Lessons are offered for one person at a time. No companions or pets are allowed during lessons.
 - Wear comfortable clothing that can get wet.
 - Lessons are approximately 1 hour in duration.
 - Sign-up must be done online and must be reserved at least a day in advance.
Personal Watercraft Permits

Personal Watercraft Permits

2021 Season Cost: $12 

Residents can obtain a boating permit for personal, non-motorized watercraft use after completing a Daybreak Community Association lake use agreement form. The permits may be purchased and forms filled out online at RecDesk starting April 1. The DCC staff will mail a permit to your home or you can pick it up at the DCC. Call the DCC at (801) 253-6418 with questions. Residents can launch boats from West Beach, East Lake or North Shore.

Why do I need a permit?
This permit helps pay for the cost of the sticker, which ensures that the amenity is used by Daybreak residents and that the proper types of vessels are used on the lake.

What kinds of watercraft are allowed on the lake?
Personal non-motorized boats which includes kayaks, canoes, row boats and paddle boards that do not exceed 17 feet in length. *Inflatable watercraft must be inspected by the Harbor Master before a permit can be placed on the vessel. Only authorized motorized boats operated by the community association are permitted.

Duffy Boat
The Duffy Boat rides run Memorial Day through Labor Day. Normal hours are Thurs - Sun from 4 to 8 pm. Rides are offered through online reservation. The boat returns every 30 minutes and offers a tour of the lake. The Duffy Boat picks up and drops off at the marina kitty-corner to SoDa Row and life jackets are provided for those 13 years and younger. The captains are excited for another year of tours around the lake!

Private Duffy tour of Oquirrh Lake
(great atmosphere for date nights, dinner cruise, enjoying a sunset)
· Maximum of two hours and six people per reservation from the same household 
· Tours available Mon - Wed, 7:00 - 9:00 pm (6:30 - 8:30pm Aug. 30 - Sept. 6) 
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 7-9pm, then 6:30-8:30pm Aug. 30th
· Guests can direct the Captain to different areas of the lake within safety regulations
· Food and beverage are allowed to bring aboard and enjoyed during the cruise (please contain and dispose of trash properly during and after tour)
· Cold drinking water will be provided from the Duffy Boat Captain
· Learn more about wildlife and foul on Oquirrh Lake from the tour captain
· Music system is aboard the vessel that can be used during the tour
· Please reserve at least 48 hours in advance on RecDesk
· Cost is $40 to help supplement the cost of staff and the cleaning the Duffy Boat

Guest Passes
Guest Passes
Effective July 1, 2021, amenity guest passes are available to residents. The policy for 2021 is as follows:

  • Guest(s) must be accompanied by a current resident that is at least 18 years of age and is a member in good standing

  • Resident must sign the Resident Guest Pass Release Form for liability waiver and list the name(s) of guests

  • Guest passes must be purchased by the resident in-person at a qualifying amenity:

    • The Beach Club
  • Watercraft use on Oquirrh Lake as a passenger only

  • Residents are responsible for the behavior and actions (including any damages) of their guests

  • Residents are limited to 5 Guest passes per day

  • Management reserves the right to restrict guest pass use at a qualifying amenity subject to capacity limits at that amenity

  • Guest passes are $5.00 each and are valid for the date of purchase only

  • Guest passes may only be purchased by credit card (cash is not accepted)

  • The guest pass does not permit access to the following:

    • Sailing Lessons

Fishing Regulations

A valid Utah State fishing license is required, and all corresponding rules apply. Please stay within designated fishing areas, as some of our landscaping is fragile. Please also be respectful of other users, especially boaters. Be sure to pick up all hooks and fishing line to avoid injuries of feet and wildlife. 

Please note:

  • That swimming and wading are not allowed in Oquirrh Lake at this time, due to negative effects on water quality and ecosystem balance.
  • No fishing is allowed from watercraft (or any other floatation device), bridges or other lake structures unless specifically signed as permitted. 
Lake Hosts

Memorial day through Labor day weekend, you will notice our lake hosts riding bikes or walking around Oquirrh Lake. These seasonal staff meembers can be a great resource for residents as they enjoy lake amentities. For reference, their responsiblities are listed below. 

• Observe and encourage compliance with posted lake use rules and regulations.
• Serve as an informational and educational resource for residents and lake visitors by answering questions, providing directions and clarifying rules that apply to the lake and surrounding open space areas.
• Engage in public interaction, educational activities, games and events.
• Cleaning or maintenance needs at Lake Village and other situations that may need immediate attention.
• Communicate with management regarding lake and open space management directives and objectives. 

Oquirrh Lake Code of Conduct

Oquirrh Lake Code of Conduct

  • Open from dawn to dusk
  • Respect other lake users and private property
  • No swimming
  • No alcohol/No smoking
  • No glass containers
  • No fireworks, portable grills, or fire pits
  • No portable shade structures or canopies
  • No unauthorized motor vehicles on trails
  • Authorized boating is reserved for Daybreak residents and their guests by PERMIT ONLY
  • Dogs allowed per leash laws and pick-up regulations
  • No fishing from structures or docks, fishing permitted in designated areas only
  • No jumping or diving from structures or shoreline
  • No camping
  • No drones 
  • No model airplane or model boat use
Oquirrh Lake Recreation Management Guidelines

Oquirrh Lake Recreation Management Guidelines

During the 2021 season, Daybreak Communities and the Daybreak Community Association will continue to implement an appropriate and comprehensive recreation management plan for Oquirrh Lake and the associated open space and trails system. As a general summary, the management policies and guidelines shall be in effect for the 2021 recreation season.  Below you will find a PDF copy of the guidelines.

Oquirrh Lake Management Strategy 
Lake Village Waterside Club & Beach Area

Lake Village Waterside Club & Beach Area

In 2014, the Waterside Club and beach area were developed on the northwestern bank of the peninsula as a Lake Village amenity. The operations and maintenance costs of this facility are paid through a Benefited Assessment charged to Lake Village residents. Use of the facility and beach area are for the private use of Lake Village owners and their guests only. When visiting, please be sure to bring your Lake Village Daybreak Amenities Card as you will be asked to show ID. Click here for copy of the General Rules

Waterside Club Initial Rules

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