Snow Pushing

Snow pushing does not occur for accumulation under 2". Contractors will be dispatched when 2" or more has accumulated, or at the end of each snow event, depending on the conditions of the snow event. Based on the crew's starting location, you may not see them immediately. However, the crews will start at a different location each snow event to provide everyone an opportunity to have their snow cleared first.

It may be a good idea to keep a shovel on hand in the event of a snow emergency. As well, always exercise care and diligence when venturing out, even if it's just to get the mail, as moisture in the air combined with freezing temperatures can create the perfect conditions for ice to form. The Master Association provides snow and ice pushing on the sidewalks adjacent to the common areas. The walking trails through the parks and around the lake will not be cleared. These trails are great for snowshoeing or cross country skiing.

Single-Family Homes
Each single-family homeowner is obligated to remove snow from their driveway, entry walks and the public sidewalks in front and on the side of their home. Be aware that the City street plows will leave a snow berm in front of your driveway as they clear the street and push snow from the center of the road.

Benefited Service Areas and Sub-Associations
Benefited Service Area and Sub-Association residents pay additional assessments to have these services provided to the common area driveways and walking paths within their complex. Contact your manager for more information.

Parking During a Snow Event

These guidelines exist to provide safer navigation of streets during a snow storm for residents and plow trucks. They also make parking requirements easier to remember and follow for the public. During snow events the City asks that residents park on the even number side of the street. If residents do not follow the new ordinances, the street will not be plowed. Visit South Jordan City for more details. 

See City Plowing Map

Exceptions will be made for loading and unloading for no more than 30 minutes. See City Municipal Code 10.20.010 for further details.

South Jordan City
Public streets, lanes and through alleyways are maintained by South Jordan City. Note that dead-end alleyways are not serviced by the City. The Public Works Department operates snow plow crews throughout the winter. Crews will be called out after 1" of snow has accumulated on the roads. Generally, all service levels are plowed simultaneously; however, during severe winter storms, main streets may take precedence for safety reasons. If you have any questions regarding snow pushing in these areas, please contact South Jordan City Public Works Department at (801) 254-3742.

Service Level 1 - Main streets and hills.
Service Level 2 - All residential streets and school ADA routes.
Service Level 3 - Cul-de-sacs and alley ways.

Click here to place a service request with the City.

CMA Ice Melt
Daybreak uses calcium magnesium acetate (CMA) to help prevent ice build up. CMA is thought to be more environmentally friendly than other products found on the market, as well as less corrosive to concrete, plants and sod. It is meant to be applied sparingly. To use, apply a thin, even layer to prevent ice build up and try to avoid using in excessive amounts. If you apply too much in an area, spread it out with a broom or flush it with water.

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