Shakespeare in the Park

Jtempestune 26, 2023
7:15 pm
SoDa Row (11274 Kestrel Rise Rd)

Grassroots Shakespeare Company is a collaborative touring ensemble of multidisciplinary artists who create joyous, vibrant productions inspired by Shakespeare’s original staging techniques. Grassroots Shakespeare Company produces and promotes genuinely engaging, popular, and relevant theatre through open-air performances.

Join us for Shakespeare in the Park at the SoDa Row stage on June 26 at 7:15 pm to watch the Bard's farewell to the stage, The Tempest, performed by Grassroots Shakespeare Company.

Join us. Its Free!

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The Tempest

The king Alonso, his beloved son and 'Nobles' magazine "sexiest man alive" 1610 winner, Ferdinand, are just trying to have some quality boat time, maybe get a tan, when things get ugly. The former Duke of Milan, Prospero, is a just a lil' cranky about getting exiled from Milan by those he thought were his besties. So he does what anybody imbued with magical powers would do-- Conjure up a storm, toss the offenders about a bit from bow to aft before letting them indulge in some salt water therapy. Luckily the plucky spirit Ariel is here to ensure they all make it onto Prospero's island relatively unscathed so that the salty wizard can continue to summon clever punishment upon the hapless knaves. Fools fall in love! Monsters and men unite in conspiracy! Spirits are freed! This busy island is so thick with drama that we dare anyone to constrain themselves to passive observation! Dont's miss THE TEMPEST at a park near you this Summer! 

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