Art Ave Stroll

Art Ave Stroll
October 7, 3 - 5 PM
Linear Park: 5131 W Lake Ave

Art Ave Stroll 2023 - Copy (2)Let us introduce you to the brilliant minds behind our latest masterpieces adorning the newly transformed Art Avenue. Join us in unveiling a stunning collection of 13 captivating artworks, each telling its own unique story.

This remarkable occasion offers you the chance to mingle with visionary artists and get a glimpse into the creative process that brought these pieces to life as well as the Daybreak Arts Council.

Immerse yourself in the melodies of live music and enjoy refreshments while you explore Art Avenue.

Mark your calendar and join us for an unforgettable evening where art, music, and community converge in a celebration of creativity.

This art display is unique in that it is free to the residents because the LiveDAYBREAK Community Arts are funded by Commercial Community Enhancement Fees (CE Fees) collected at the time of closing of a commercial property sale within Daybreak. The fees collected support community art initiatives. For resales, the fee is ½ of 1% of the sale price. It should be noted that the Homeowners Association (HOA) and LiveDAYBREAK are separate entities and have different funding sources.

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